About Us

Our Philosophy & Mission

SeaskyMedical applies advanced injection molding technology to the production challenges of medical products. We summarize experience in production practice, analyze data, and reduce the risk of each customer with professional and sincere service.


Meeting Diverse Challenges of Medical Injection Molding

SeaskyMedical specializes in injection molding for the medical sector and provides low-risk solutions. We provide professional and all-inclusive supports at all stages of the project, including product development, mold design and manufacturing, material selection and injection molding production.

We has been engaged in precision mold making and precision injection molding for more than 10 years. Moreover, we inherit more than 11 years of experience in project management and supply chain management from our parent company. To meet the diverse challenges and stringent needs of the medical field, we are equipped with a ISO 8 cleanroom and 10 cutting-edge injection molding machines.

Our Commitment

Never Compromise on Product Safety

SeaskyMedical is well aware that the medical products we produce directly affect the health and safety of the users, so we always keep product safety in mind. Our first step in ensuring the safety of medical injection molded products is to work with quality upstream injection molding raw material suppliers and recommend the suitable medical plastics for our customer. In terms of process, for products with strict cleanliness requirements, we will use ISO 8 cleanroom for production.

A staff is measuring a micro injection molded part with a measure tape.

Our History

Explore our past and see how we have grown into a professional company in the field of medical injection molding.

We entered the plastic process industry and started offering OEM services for assembly plastic products.


Our service extended to mold exporting. We expanded the market from the United States to all over the world.


We set up our own mold factory. More and more customers in the medical industry come to us because of our meticulous service and precision molds.


To meet the strict production requirements of medical customers, we have expanded and upgraded our production workshops. Our dust-free workshop was established and put into use.


SeaskyMedical’s ISO Class 8 medical injection molding workshop was certified by the CMA. We have gained the certification of ISO 13485:2016, international medical quality management system.