Injection Mold Making

 Injection mold tooling requires precision and quality construction for higher durability. Seaskymedical makes injection mold tooling as per client requirements through their top-notch molding facilities.

Plastic Injection Molding Tools Making for Medical Products

If you require customized mold manufacturing solutions, our team at Seaskymedical, a mold manufacturing company, is ready to help you out. We use durable materials like steel to create precise plastic molding tools to manufacture quality products. We employ injection molding facilities for creating standard designs as per the client’s demand.


High quality equipment is operated by a team with more than a decade’s worth of experience in injection mold making. The mold making facility spans an area of 1200 square meters and allows for streamlining the production process.

Our One Stop Mold Tooling Making Service

Injection mold making is highly specialized. Our team creates solutions exactly as planned with the client. We provide a one-stop mold making service so that the client knows the range of product supply offered during their association with us. 

Product design

Provide medical products drawing

During mold making, we take your input at the beginning of the process. Our team makes the accurate design for the mold; for medical consumables and disposables. The design finalization is only after you choose the initial drawing.

3D printing & prototype

Plastic injection mold design according to 3D printing

3D printing services are employed to ensure the precision during prototyping. 3D printing along with other plastic molding tools to bring the design to life.

3D printing machine

3D Prototype

The 3D prototype is based on the finalized design by the client. Accurate proptotypind sets a precedent for mass production. Only precision methods make the 3D prototype suitable for injection molding later. It helps make the design proportionate according to medical use.

mold tooling making

Making Mold Tooling

During the mold tooling process, we take the help of advanced plastic injection tools. CNC machining, EDM, and drilling as well as milling machines are in the facilities. The manufacturing workshop has experts for operating these machines.

medical injection mold

Injection Molding Sample

In the production process, we understand the value of customer input and try our best to consider client requirements. The premier injection molding medical samples are manufactured through mold design.

sterile packaging for medical devices

Submit Plastic Sample

At first, the product is set through injection molding of the mold design. Prototyping a sample before inspection by the client is our standard practice. It goes to mass production only after the client gives it a thumbs up.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Tools

You can contact us for customized solutions in low volume productions. Seaskymedical also gives prototyping of the mold making to be used later during injection molding. The mold tooling process is simplified through streamlined solutions. There are single and multi-cavity design options available. 



Customization in the size and tolerance of the mold offers quality documentation as well as clean room manufacturing. Improved R&D productivity helps in the analysis of the gap between manufacturability and costs. 

Custom moldin

How do We Manufacture Injection Mold Tooling

During the plastic injection molding tooling manufacturing process , there are several factors to take care of.

As a professional mold manufacturing company, Seaskymedical makes a flow analysis of the design to improve the functionality and suitability of the mold tooling.

CNC machining

High Speed CNC Machining

CNC machining is a process where technological innovation is employed to create specialized solutions. The computerized software deals with precision molding and creates a standard design that presents high tolerance in plastic mold manufacturing. Our high-speed CNC mold making makes the process perfect for the precise medical devices during manufacturing within a set time frame.

advanced mirror spark machine

Mirror Spark Machine

We understand the needs of the clients when micro level precision is needed in the mold tooling. Much like CNC machining, the mirror spark machine works to manufacture injection molding tools with details. The mold tooling needs to be precise for high micro injection molding, especially in the medical industry, the exact measurements are important.

Coordinate measuring machine

CMM (Coordinate-measuring machine)

The Coordinate-measuring machine or CMM is used by experts to help measure the mold dimensions accurately. We aim to get the prototype and sample right in correspondence with the design the first time. CMM helps make precise plastic molding tools.

Electrical discharge machining

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

The EDM injection mold making process is like no other, which allows for a specialized shape. After the design is produced, it is removed from the mold through a series of electric charges. A dielectric fluid is used to make the process easier.

Added-value Service for Plastic Injection Tools

We proffer medical device contract manufacturing with numerous value-added services. In plastic injection molding tooling, clients can customize the services in their contract based on demand. 

Preventive Method for Mold Tooling

Preventive Method for Mold Tooling

The preventative method during mold tooling involves a number of measures. These measures by the manufacturer prevent rust and other deterioration of the mold. It retains the structural integrity of the mold and also reduces the chances of damage by rust.

Maintenance for our Mold Tooling

Maintenance for our Mold Tooling

Mold tooling also includes regular maintenance, like inspections to keep the quality level optimal. Our services are regular so that maintenance is more frequent. In the maintenance process, the mold is checked for rust or cracks that might damage the quality of the products being manufactured.

Why Choose Seaskymedical as your Mould Tool Manufacturers

Seaskymedical, as a plastic mold manufacturing company, has all the right equipment to help with plastic mold manufacturing. We consider the specifications provided by the client to form the plastic models for injection molding.

Ensure product cleanliness

The plastic mold tooling requires standard specifications across the products being manufactured. The mold needs to be hygienic and clean so that the injection molding can be done with ease. 


Being experienced mould tool manufacturers, we understand the need for durable material during mold tooling. Our molds are made of hardened steel, which is selected through a screening process. The type of steel chosen falls under H13, S136, and 8407.

Advanced machines

Seaskymedical has sourced our technological equipment from overseas to guarantee high precision during plastic mold manufacturing. It can deal with micro injection molding owing to the introduction of advanced machines.


With more than ten years’ experience as injection mold tooling suppliers, we have become well aware of the medical industry and its demands. We screen high-quality steel and introduce advanced equipment, ensuring the quality and precision of our plastic molding tools.

Simplified supply chain

The supply chain in mold making is highly simplified to make the process easier for clients. We try to make the process more efficient as a plastic mold manufacturing company. Clients also get customized specifications in tooling. 

Free service

When you contact Seaskymedical, you are signing up for the one stop experience. The client gets everything from mold tooling making to injection molding facilities. We try to control production costs through the use of standard mold designs. 

A mold designer designs a precision injection mold on computer software.

Mold Design for Improved Manufacturability

The design of the mold directly affects the quality of the finished product. Especially in the medical industry, there are high requirements for the precision and quality of the molds. In the early stage of mold design, we focus on the reliability of the mold and make mold flow analysis on it. Also, we consider the mold suitability for efficient and safe production under cleanroom conditions.

Reliable In-house Mold Manufacturing

To ensure mold reliability, our molds are made of hardened steel, such as H13, S136 and 8407. Meanwhile, we have introduced foreign precision mold processing equipment. Now, SeaskyMedical is equipped with precision manufacturing and measuring equipment such as mirror spark machines, high speed CNC and CMM.

During the mold processing, our technicians make continuous improvements until the samples meet the production standards.

Successful Cases

Check through our cases and see how we solve problems with robust injection molding capabilities.

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