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SeaskyMedical satisfies its customers by providing quality and reliable Custom LSR medical silicone injection molding solutions at all times.

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LSR molded parts

Silicone rubber is a familiar material used for manufacturing products for consumer, healthcare, and industrial purposes. It is skin-contact safe, highly durable, flexible, and soft to touch. However, it is vital to note that not all the materials labelled as medical-grade meet the standard. Thankfully, SeaskyMedical, as one of the TOP LSR molding companies, gives you no doubt when it comes to obtaining medical grade silicone molding.


Professional liquid silicone injection molding manufacturers use fully-traceable platinum cured medical grade silicone in our products. All our items are manufactured keeping the ISO standards and quality in check, using hospital grade plastic silicone, aka LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber).

Silicone & Rubber Injection Molding Process for Medical Need in Seaskymedical

As one of the silicone injection molding companies, we produce custom silicone and rubber molding for the healthcare industry. LSR plastic injection molding offers great flexibility in design and tooling, which helps in producing complex geometries and consolidating multiple functional characteristics. It also assists in producing reliable medical products at lower costs.

Silicone Prototype

Design & Prototype Service

Being one of the top silicone part manufacturers, we depend on in-house tooling and process engineering to provide unlimited design and prototype capabilities while improving the quality and ensuring consistent tolerance. These services are delivered by us at cost-friendly prices.

Mold tooling make

Mold tooling Design and make

Our holistic approach to LSR molds relies on working with customers to create innovative solutions, keeping their unique specifications and requirements in check. The plastic medical consumable supplies provided by us offer the highest consistency in the product dimension, precision, and overall quality.

medical plastics

Rigorous Material Selection

Our process chromatography items help in increasing your yield by eliminating impurities and enhancing the efficiency of the purification procedure. The chromatography resins and columns used help reduce the total purification steps while yielding bioprocessing applications.

CNC Milling Machine

CNC machining

For medical silicone molding, we use CNC machining technology. It uses automated and high-speed cutting tools to create innovative designs from metal and plastic. This computerized manufacturing technology is ideal for producing equipment for the healthcare industry.

Molding Clean Room

Medical Molding Method in Clean Room

At SeaskyMedical, a professional silicone molding manufacturer, we use a cleanroom molding for medical silicone parts manufacturing to reduce the risk of contamination by dust and other minor particles. That’s how we maintain zero-defect quality levels by utilizing in-process controls.

secondary operation

Secondary Operation

We take LSR injection moulding to the next level by offering the healthcare industry a multitude of secondary operations and assembly line options. We offer fully labeled and assembled silicone and rubber molded parts and sub-assemblies for better quality, efficiency, and cost saving.

Our Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Capabilities For the Medical Industry

Since Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding can produce intricate elastomeric components in short cycles, it is steadily gaining a foothold in the medical markets. At SeaskyMedical, a rubber & silicone molding company, we depend on this material due to its biological inertness and long-term product stability.

Liquid Silicone & Rubber Overmolding

For reducing costs, improving the quality of our medical products, and extending their lifetime performance, we utilize liquid silicone and rubber medical overmolding techniques. Due to its biocompatibility, we use silicone overmolding to produce a broad array of medical devices.

Silicone Micro Molding

We use silicone micro moulding, the latest trend in LSR manufacturing to produce small, highly accurate, and high precision parts. As the medical components are getting smaller, we strive to deliver our customers incredible accuracy and precision in all our LSR products.

LSR Compression Molding

Our team of experts utilizes this highly complex molding technique for producing composite medical components assembly in high production volume. LSR compression molding procedure involves low tooling costs. This is best for manufacturing large items and thicker parts, and is cost-effective for short production runs.

Silicone Prototype

For the medical industry, we also manufacture silicone prototypes by employing a lot of patience and experience. We understand that moving ahead without a prototype is extremely difficult. That is why we offer silicone prototypes to verify that your design will perform as intended.

Silicone Insert Molding

At SeaskyMedical, we use the silicone insert moulding products and techniques for the medical industry as it molds the silicone through a substrate material to produce the final part. By combining the best of two materials, this process supports variations in durometer and rigidity.

Custom Medical Device Parts From Top Silicone & Rubber Molding Manufacturer

At SeaskyMedical, we choose LSR for designing and manufacturing medical silicone and rubber molded parts for a broad range of applications. If you’re looking for a brand that caters to high volume production while providing full-spectrum services from design to tooling, you can turn to us.

medical silicone molding diagnostics machine

Why Choose Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding for Medical Parts?

Seaskymedical, as one of the top LSR molding companies, provides the best environmrent for Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding. Class 7 Clean room is essential for medical LSR molding when manufacturing medical device parts.

Diverse Applicability

LSR injection moulding is commonly used in mission-critical applications, such as the healthcare industry. At SeaskyMedical, the silicone molding company, we specialize in building tight-tolerance medical silicone items with zero-defect manufacturing and exceptional repeatability.

Design Flexibility

Unlike elastomers, LSR liquid silicone rubber molding can fill part geometries with great tolerance. The products made using it offer precise features like varying wall thickness, reduce the chances of sinking, fix minor undercuts, and negative drafts.

Biocompatibility and Performance

Our LSR molding products are suitable for both long and short term human implants because they are bacteria resistant, odorless, stainless, and offer ease of sterilization. Products from our silicone molding company are extensively tested for quality and have a long history of safe use.

Automatic Silicone Molding

Produced using state-of-the-art techniques and production in cleanrooms, LSR injection moulding lessen contamination using automatic molding. Its cycle times are consistent, which is crucial for medical silicone molding. Moreover, it eliminates machine operators, part variability, and program costs.

Long Product Life

Manufactured using the latest technology, tooling, and automation, medical items from our silicone mold company are not affected by environmental factors and remain the same throughout their lifetime. They do not lose transparency with time and are resistant to cracks, breaks, and scratches.

Multi-material Molding

We specialize in medical device injection molding such as insert, two-shot, and over-molded parts. Silicone overmolding and other LSR moulding methods help us in enhancing the performance of our products and lowering the total expenses while maintaining the quality levels.

Plastic Materials for Medical Liquid Silicone
Rubber (LSR) Molding

LSR molding companies use medical grade silicone plastic material for manufacturing medical consumables. It offers entirely closed or thick parts, a tight tolerance, and solid surfaces. Silicone plastic injection molding is an ideal production method for a range of medical products, including drug delivery, fluid management, diagnostics, and biotechnology.

Here we have listed some of the most common silicone plastic mould injection molding materials in the market:

lsr silicone rubber raw material 3 600x450 1

How Does Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Work?

Liquid injection molding is a process of industrial fabrication performing overmolding of materials into a broad range of products and components for healthcare. Unlike the standard reaction injection molding process, it depends on mechanical mixing rather than pressurized impingement mixing and focuses on liquid silicone rubber and elastomeric materials.

Our injection molding process involves mixing and dispensing LSR materials and is carried out via a series of plungers.

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Work

Why is Seaskymedical Your Silicone
Molding Company?

As a silicone molding manufacturer, we know that silicone injection molding offers exciting designs and molding opportunities. That’s why at SeaskyMedical, we strive to help you take advantage of LSR injection moulding’s design flexibility. Besides, our advanced technologies can cut program costs and enhance component quality.

Value Added Service

We offer value-added LSR manufacturing services. It includes prototyping with production representative tooling, advanced LSR mold-making, class 8 or 7 cleanroom assembly and packaging, and clean room packaging services. We also offer multi-material or multi-shot molding and secondary operations for single-source production.

Clean Room Injection/ ISO Certificate

We are a clean room injection manufacturer producing all our consumables as per ISO: 13485-2016 standards under cleanroom 8. Since quality is of utmost importance to us, we use medical-grade silicone, also known as LSR. Our expertise helps fine-tune the process to consistently produce quality Silicone molded products.

Process Chromatography Resins and Columns

Our process chromatography products employ a unique design to enhance the efficiency of the purification processes, thus eliminating any impurities. By employing this process, we strive to reduce the purification steps. It also helps us in yielding bioprocessing applications.

German & Japanese Precise Injection Machines

Being an experienced mold maker, we employ state-of-the-art micro injection molding silicone machines made using German or Japanese technology. Our machines are built according to our exact specifications, allowing us to adjust silicone molidng tooling in a timely fashion.

Medical Injection Capabilities

For manufacturing quality medical silicone parts and devices at cost-friendly prices for a broad range of applications, we utilize our LSR medical injection molding capabilities to the full extent. It allows our medical molded products to withstand even the most challenging conditions effectively.

Competitive Price

By using the LSR injection molding technology at SeaskyMedical, we allow you to combine multiple components and reduce the cost of overall production runs. Our aim is to mold as much functionality into the part as possible to offer you the products at competitive prices.

Custom Solutions

By integrating design verification and validation medical service in product manufacturing, we provide you with custom solutions. If you require a custom product prepared using medical-grade silicone molding, we are here to help you with everything, from mold design to prototyping.

Provide Guaranteed Quality

Since we have one of the lowest defect rates in the industry, we provide quality products with extended lifetime performance. By using medical-grade LSR technology, rigorous inspection, CNC machining, and top-notch molding methods, we deliver improved quality items with better performance.

Short Lead Time

By using a high-power vision system for selecting micro mold plastic, we aim to reduce our lead time. Quick delivery time helps our customers obtain the products while allowing fast and perfect order processing.

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