Medical Overmolding

Overmolding plays an important role in medical products injection. Medical overmolding in Seaskymedical guarantees products quality for human and animal hospitals.

Medical Overmolding

Overmolding, an injection molding process of coating equipment with several materials, has circulated all manufacturing industries, especially the medical industry. This process is highly favored in the production of medical plastic products as it enhances better grip and ergonomics of devices, creates a waterproof seal, improves resistance to abrasion, dampens noise and vibration, provides electrical insulation, and many other benefits.

At SeaskyMedical, we overmold any kind of plastic medical device to improve the design, functionality and ease of operation. Following the stringent requirements for product cleanliness in the medical industry, we utilize our class 100,000 cleanroom in manufacturing and carrying out overmolding processes.

Advantages of Medical Overmold in Seaskymedical

Overmolding has contributed to the success and advancement of the medical industry as medical practitioners, through this injection molding process, have been able to perform their functions more effectively. Highlighted below are some of the notable advantages of this injection molding process.

Impact and abrasion resistance

Overmolding leads to the manufacturing of strong and tough medical devices that are resistant to pressure, impact, chemicals, and abrasion. Overmolded products don’t sustain dents and loose particles.

Customized texture and appearance

Through the use of a range of materials, a specific product texture and appearance can be created. A variety of colors and changes in temperature can be used to make a specific design.

Cost efficiency

Overmolding involves the combination of multiple materials to encapsulate a single product, thereby simplifying the bill of materials. With a reduced cost, an efficient product will be manufactured.

Reduction in production time

Instead of molding the two plastics separately and then joining them together, overmolding is used to mold the two plastics directly together at once, ensuring a tight tolerance. It eliminates the time that would have been used in separate production.

Flame retardancy

Overmolded products create a shield during electrical operations. They insulate electricity and help to retard flame, smoke, and fire occurrences. At SeaskyMedical, we make flame retardant overmolded medical products that comply with ecological labels.

Waterproof property

Overmolding ensures that a product stays safe from being contaminated by water. This is very essential for products that are not water-resistant. The double layers of molded materials will ensure that water doesn’t get to them.

Avoidance of foreign materials

Additive materials like glues and adhesives are used in the making of products. To prevent these foreign materials from reflecting, overmolding is used. It keeps the final medical device free from any foreign material.

Make Your Medical Products Design from Reliable Overmolding Companies

At SeaskyMedical, we make flawless overmolded medical products designs for your needs that can be trusted to perform effectively and efficiently. These are some of the reasons why you should trust us with your overmolded medical products designs.

Mold creation

Create mold for your unique need

At SeaskyMedical, we assist in creating molds that will be specific to your needs. We make customized molds that can be used to create the exact shape that you need for overmolding medical devices.

Plastic materials

Various materials for medical plastic products are available

We have all the materials that you could need to overmold medical plastic products. No matter the color or the texture required, we have you covered. Biocompatibility reports could be provided as well.

Overmolding machine

Advanced German & Japanese machines for overmold

We use advanced overmolding machines for our overmolding processes. High tolerance and high precision are particularly important in medical device overmolding. From the first piece to the last piece of your medical devices, the overmolding result will be accurate.

SeaskyMedical's injection workshop.

Cleanroom injection mold

Injection molding in clean room is imperative to ensure that the medical devices are safe for use both within and outside the body. We use our class 100,000 cleanroom to carry out this process.

Ultrasonic bonding

Ultrasonic bonding

We have a strong ultrasonic bonding system that ensures that the materials remain glued together. No matter the material, whether plastic, metal, aluminum or any other material, their tight bonding is guaranteed.

Pad printing on syringe

Pad printing

After the overmolding process is completed, if you wish to make designs on the overmolded parts, we have you covered. At SeaskyMedical, we customize the overmolded parts to your preference and add any design you want.

Application of Overmold in the Medical Industry

Medical devices are preferred to be strong, easy to grip, and resistant to external factors in order to guarantee their functionality. We implement this in every of our overmolding processes. Below are the applications of overmold in the medical industry.

Overmolding is essential for surgical instruments as it guarantees a better grip of medical devices to prevent them from slipping off the hands. Also, overmolded surgical instruments are resistant to chemicals and do not produce any toxic when exposed to the body.

Surgical instruments

An instrument housing can be overmolded for keeping fragile medical products. Medical consumables, lab consumables, and other medical items can be conveniently stored in overmolded parts to ensure their safety.

Instrument housings

Overmolding is used for handheld devices especially those that are tiny, as well as devices that vibrate when in use. It’s also applied on devices that are abrasive and could cause injury if not coated with several layers of plastic or rubber.

Handheld devices

Overmolding improves resistance to impact and abrasion. It shields medical devices from denting or having loose particles. It also regulates noise. It acts as a noise absorber, thereby reducing the noise that devices make when they are in use.


Overmolding provides electrical insulation, which means that overmolded medical devices protect against electric shock. The devices don’t conduct electricity, meaning that they are safe for use. Also, they can be applied in color identification.

Electrical connectors

Overmolded syringes are chemical resistant – they contain chemicals without getting damaged. They also have tough textures that prevent them from slipping off when held, and they have built-in seals that prevent fluids from escaping.


Overmolding is applied in cases where perfect sealing is required. Whether it’s liquid or gas you’re trying to prevent from passing through a medical device, overmolding will close the opening perfectly.

Tubing or Luer Fittings

Best-in-class Overmolding Materials Available for Medical Industry

Compatibility of materials is essential to get a perfect overmolded medical device, so there are some materials that are not suitable for use. However, here are some of the common overmolding materials that are tested and trusted to be suitable for medical devices.


This is a plastic overmolding material that is resistant to external elements like heat, oils, acids, and alkalis. ABS is very strong and tough, flexible and it has outstanding dielectric properties. This material can be easily joined with other materials.

Rubber overmolding

It’s also known as silicone overmolding. It involves the use of silicone rubber to encapsulate several high-temperature resistant medical device substrates, such as plastic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

TPU overmold

TPU is noted for its excellent tensile strength, flexibility, and good load-bearing capacity. It's compatible with other types of materials, and it ensures a tight bond.

TPR overmold

TPR is a mix of plastic and rubber. It has properties of both plastic and rubber, which makes it a very good material for overmolding purposes. It has high flexural fatigue resistance, good dielectric properties, and high impact strength. It is also resistant to chemicals.

TPE overmold

This material has the properties of thermoplastic and elastomer. It’s suitable for medical devices as it offers excellent consistency and it’s economical. It’s also easy to color and customize.


This is a high-performance plastic overmolding material that is suitable for medical use. It is an excellent choice for demanding situations. It is resistant to chemical, high temperature, elongation, and stress cracks.

Acrylic Thermoplastics

It’s a plastic overmolding material that’s extremely strong and stiff. It has one of the toughest surface finishes of all materials. You can rely on it to withstand all kinds of elements, be it chemicals or UV light.

Medical Overmolding Process in
Over 10+ Experience Overmold Manufacturer

Overmold injection molding is quite different from other types of molding. Overmolding requires some know-how to be perfectly done. Below are our processes of making a perfect overmolded medical device.

Choose the right material

A major determinant of overmolding success is the choice of material. There are a lot of good materials for overmolding, but not all are good enough for compatibility. Advice for material choice and ISO10993 material biocompatibility report could be provided in Seaskymedical, reducing your hassle of choosing.

Design mold

We are experts with a vast experience in mold making. At SeaskyMedical, we design molds that guarantee a perfect overmolding process for medical devices. We make molds that are suitable for the combination of several materials to encapsulate an already molded medical device.

Overmolding prototype

Before overmolding medical devices, we make a single prototype to be sure that all the materials and calculations will fall in place as imagined. Since different materials are combined together, it is important that the prototyping stage is not jumped. We make a sample and compare it to see if it’s exactly what you want.

Use advanced overmolding machine

Our advanced overmolding machine is able to ensure shot-to-shot consistency, tight tolerance, and shot sizes with all the medical devices. Also, at Seaskymedical, ultra-precise positioning of overmolding tool inserts enabled by in-line camera systems, as well as a support could prevent inserts from slipping from their position.

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