ABS Plastic Injection Molding

Seaskymedical offers ABS plastic molding services for better strength, durability, high resistance, and low cost.

Top-Grade ABS Plastic Injection Molding in Seaskymedical

ABS, a short form of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a common thermoplastic polymer that is usually used for injection molding. It’s composed of elements that make it unique and best for plastic injection molded items. Our company provides several ABS plastic injection molding services, such as the production of medical consumables products. We also make use of top-grade ABS to manufacture flawless plastics that are used in numerous applications in the healthcare industry.

Custom ABS Plastic Molding Services

ABS is one of the best polymers available and this is because of its versatility, excellent performance, and durability. We provide custom ABS plastic molding services that apply to several projects. Below are some of them.

Medical Injection Molding

We make use of ABS in medical device injection molding, manufacturing medical consumables, medical assemblies and equipment that are used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are lightweight, strong, durable, and of premium quality.

Medical Overmolding

A reliable polymer for medical overmolding is ABS. With ABS plastic casting, you can be rest assured that your medical equipment is strong and ready for use no matter the temperature it’s exposed to.

Another service we provide using ABS plastic injection molding process is protection. Other components and objects can be inserted into a molded ABS; it encapsulates your component and gives you the toughness and rigidity you need.

Medical Micro Molding

ABS is used for micro plastic injection molding. We manufacture very small plastic parts and components that can be used in the medical industry, such as surgery, lab consumables, and so many more.

Compression molding

We as well make use of ABS plastic molding  in manufacturing medical plastic materials that are tough, strong, smooth, and have very tight tolerance.

Finishing Services

At Seaskymedical, we also make use of ABS for finishing services ranging from welding, engraving, pad printing, assembling, and even to kitting.

Ultrasonic Bonding

One common polymer that’s used in ultrasonic welding services is ABS. We make use of this plastic because it has high compatibility and can be easily joined with other polymers.

Clean Room Injection molding

All of our medical molding procedures are carried out in Class 7 Clean Room. Sterile injection molding could be guaranteed.

What is ABS Plastic Material?

ABS is made of three unique ingredients: acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Acrylonitrile offers hardness, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. Butadiene offers toughness and resistance to impact. Styrene offers processability, gloss, and strength. ABS is a versatile and spectacular plastic material that can be customized in various ways to suit a particular application. It can also be used in several industries.

What are the ABS Plastic Material Properties?

ABS is one of the best plastic materials. This is because it has some unique properties that set it apart from other plastic materials. Below are some of its properties.

ABS injection molidng

ABS is a tough, multi-purpose, and affordable engineering thermoplastic.

ABS plastic materials possess good impact strength and good rigidity; it has high resistance to all forms of external abrasion.

ABS maintains its characteristics and performance in extreme temperatures.

ABS moldings are known for their smoothness and good surface.

ABS plastic materials are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant.

Why We Use ABS Material for Plastic
Injection Molding

ABS has so many properties that make it suitable for diverse purposes, including plastic injection molding. These are some of the reasons why we use ABS plastic molding.

Transparent ABS Product

ABS has the natural advantage of affordability, high strength, impact resistance, high stability, high elasticity, and quality performance.

It is the most suitable polymer for rigid products that are lightweight and durable.

The melting temperature of ABS is low, which makes it suitable for injection molding.

ABS is very compatible with other polymers, which gives additional strength.

It can also be recycled, thereby reducing additional costs.

ABS has a good heat resistance and it’s also resistant to most oils, acids, and alkalis.

Benefits of Our ABS Plastic Injection
Molding Services

At Seaskymedical, you can get several ABS plastic injection molding services that are beneficial for several applications. Below are some of the benefits you will gain from our ABS plastic injection molding services.

Cooperation with certified color masterbatch material suppliers

You can get your products in any color you want. We cooperate and liaise with several certified color masterbatch material suppliers that assist in improving the aesthetics of our ABS plastic parts.

Professional Custom ABS Molding service to your needs

At Seaskymedical, you'll get professional custom ABS molding services for all your needs. We are a professional and experienced ABS injection service provider that focuses on satisfying your needs. So, you wouldn't have to worry.

Create high standard ABS plastic Molding design

You will be getting topnotch services from a team that is filled with skilled engineers that create high standard and perfect ABS plastic molding designs.

Strict Quality Control(ISO 13485-2016 )

Amongst our qualifications is an ISO 13485-2016 certificate. This is one of the rewards we get for incorporating strict quality control in manufacturing our high-quality ABS materials, which we will incorporate in your project.

Recommend ABS plastic according to biocompatibility and uses

At Seaskymedical, you will be provided with the right ABS plastic for your needs. We make use of our expertise and experience to recommend the application of ABS plastic according to biocompatibility and uses.

One-Stop Service

You will get free mold design and making, as well as before and after-sales service. Also, you won't have to wait for long before getting your products. We're keen on early delivery.

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