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SeaskyMedical is a top-notch ISO-certified plastic injection molding company based in China that produces plastic injection molding solutions for the medical field.

Your Precise Plastic Molding Company

SeaskyMedical is a top-notch ISO-certified plastic injection molding company based in China that produces plastic injection molding solutions for the medical field. From plastic mold design and development to mold building, choosing materials, and delivering manufactured products, we assist you in every stage of plastic molding production. 

Being a reliable plastic molding manufacturer, we use the best quality raw materials and manufacture, assemble, and pack the products in the ISO 8 cleanroom with the help of credible injection molding machines. Then, our experts will strictly examine the medical device injection molding products for quality checks to make sure that they match the criteria.

One-Stop Plastic Injection Molding Service

SeaskyMedical is a reliable plastic injection molding company with 10+ years of experience. We provide you with incredible plastic injection molding solutions for a broad range of molded items.

Injection Mold Design & Engineering

Being a top-notch plastic molding company, our designers and engineers carry vast experience when it comes to the design and engineering of plastic molding solutions. We perform a DFM study to compile data about the plastic mold product. Then, our experts will conduct the injection molding making and suggest the ideal materials to the clients. 

Custom Injection Mold & Tooling

At SeaskyMedical, we utilize creative technology and advanced software for mold design and 3D prototyping prior to 2k injection molding manufacturing. Injection mold tooling mandates accuracy, and we retain high-end plastic injection tools, EDM, drilling, CNC machining, and milling devices in the factories to make the plastic molding solutions as per the client's conditions.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the process of shaping plastic molds into a distinct solid shape by varying the pressure and temperature. High pressure is used to press the heated and molten plastic substance into a mold. It is let to cool down after adhering to the mold so that a robust plastic molded product is made. 

Benefits Of China Plastic Injection Molding

Acquiring bulk quantities of plastic injection molding products from SeaskyMedical is relatively beneficial. We are one of the leading injection molding companies that produce plastic injection molding products for a variety of applications associated with different industries. 

Low Cost

At SeaskyMedical, we source high-quality materials directly from huge companies and manufacture them using our advanced equipment, which is why we offer plastic mold products at low cost. 

High Tolerance And Precision

Plastic injection molding products are made to have high tolerance and accuracy. The manufacturing machines are precise, advanced, and equipped with the latest technology. 

Contaminant Resistance

All the plastic injection molding products made by our company are resistant to contamination. We use high-grade contaminant-resistant materials, and the plastic mold products go through various quality inspections before being delivered to the client. 

Faster Turnaround

With a massive manufacturing factory, advanced equipment, and multiple production lines, we ensure quick delivery. For bulk orders, our team will try to deliver the molding products within a short time. 

ISO Cleanroom

We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified plastic molding company and ensure the safety and durability of our products. We ensure dust-free manufacturing and use automated machines for lessening direct contact. Our staff disinfects the cleanroom every day and examines the cleanliness two times daily. 

One-Stop Service

From plastic mold designing, creating mold, making 3D prototypes, and delivering samples to manufacturing bulk plastic molding products, we offer a one-stop service. 

plastic injection molding company

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

SeaskyMedical is a decent plastic injection molding company that concentrates on the development and manufacturing of plastic injection molding solutions.

We offer custom plastic molding design services, injection mold creation services, and a broad range of mold packaging options to match the client’s special requirements. Our experts can deliver high-grade custom plastic injection molding solutions utilizing different materials in various sizes with different surface finishes. 

Application Of China Plastic Injection Molding

The applications of Seasky plastic injection molding solutions are relatively vast as they are used in a significant number of industries. 

Medical Equipment Parts Molding

The plastic injection molding solutions for the medical field are made under stringent guidelines with medical-grade materials. The medical plastic mold parts are lightweight, highly flexible, and clean. 

Automotive Injection Mold

Several items like bumpers, mirror housings, etc., used in the automotive field are made using plastic injection molds as they are highly robust, last longer, and features design flexibility. 

Injection Molding Electronics

Some parts that are used for manufacturing electronics, like corrosion-resistant plastic housings, are produced using plastic injection molding to ensure overall safety and durability. 

Home Appliances Molding

From small appliances to huge home gadgets, there are many plastic injection molding solutions that are made at a relatively low cost. 

Aerospace Plastic Injection Molding

Enclosures, panels, bezels, and housings are a few of the injection molded pieces used in the aerospace field, as they have to be reliable, lightweight and resist high temperatures. 

Other Applications

There are many other industries where plastic injection molding parts are used. 

  • Construction items like hand tools, fasteners, etc.
  • Consumer plastics like toys, mug caps, cell cases, etc.
  • Food and beverage items like containers, caps, conveyor system parts, etc. 
  • Furniture components like chairs, pillows, cushion covers, etc. Agriculture harvesting tools that are impact-resistant, UV-resistant, and humidity resistant. 

High-Quality Materials Used In Plastic Injection Molding

SeaskyMedical is one of the high-end Chinese injection molding companies that have a significant stock of sterile medical grade materials, including Silicone, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), PEEK, Rubber, Polycarbonate, Nylon, etc. 


We work with 10+ large raw material companies to source high-quality raw materials and offer a COC factory certificate and ISO10993 biocompatibility report. 

Materials used in injection molding

10+ Year Experienced
As A Plastic Molding Company

SeaskyMedical is a Chinese plastic molding company that specializes in plastic injection molding solutions and has been delivering low-risk and affordable plastic molding solutions for over ten years. 

ISO Certified Plastic Injection Molding Factory

SeaskyMedical has a massive 1,200 Sq m plastic injection molding workshop and clean room injection molding manufacturing workshop. Our ISO 13485:2016 certified facility has a class 100,000 cleanroom and a Class 7 & 8 clean room equipped with advanced injection molding equipment. 

Precise Injection Molding Machines

We are a high-end plastic injection molding factory and have certified German and Japanese plastic injection molding machines. These accurate molding machines can generate plastic molded components with incredible accuracy and guarantee high tolerance production. We change the manufacturing machines every 3 to 5 years to ensure good quality production and timely delivery. 

Use Medical Grade Plastic

At SeaskyMedical, a wide range of high-quality medical-grade materials are accessible. We only utilize credible medical-grade plastics that are known for their resilience, compression resistance, and chemical resistance. These materials can resist very high tensile and temperatures. 

High Injection Molding Technology

SeaskyMedical is one of the injection molding companies that develops hardware and software technology solutions to ensure no problem arises during plastic product development. Using high-end injection molding technology, we ensure precise high production accuracy and make plastic molds in intricate shapes. 

What Is Plastic Injection Molding

SeaskyMedical is one of the high-class plastic injection mold manufacturers, and we offer prototyping and on-demand production injection molding services. The common and medical plastic injection molding procedure needs a plastic injection mold machine, unprocessed medical-grade substances, and a mold. The injection duration, chilling duration, and changeover duration are the different stages of the plastic injection molding procedure.



Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process

In the plastic injection molding appliance, plastic is melted and then infiltrated under strong pressure into a mold. The substance will be cooled, consolidated, and will be released by cracking open the mold’s two parts. As a result, a plastic molded object with a specified shape will be produced.
Three plate mold

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