Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) Molding

For medical applications, Seaskymedical manufactures safe-to-use products with heat and electrical insulation with the use of tpr injection molding.

Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) Molding

Thermoplastic rubber injection molding is done through a mix of copolymer materials for added strength and elastomeric properties. For medical applications, Seaskymedical manufactures safe-to-use products. Thermoplastics provide both heat and electrical insulation. We can help you through material selection for tpr injection molding. Seakskymedical also promises sterilization validation for medical devices and a short lead time.

What is Thermoplastic Rubber?

Thermoplastic rubber or TPR is a copolymer that essentially mixes the physical properties of both compounds. It offers tear resistance, strength, and abrasion resistance. The material made from this copolymer is reusable and recyclable. 

Custom Various TPR Injection Molding Services

For thermoplastic rubber material, there are a myriad of ways in which injection molding can help. Seaskymedical offers overmolding, insert molding, micro molding, ultrasonic bonding, and compression molding for medical consumables and disposables. 

Why Thermoplastic Rubber Material for Injection Molding

At Seaskymedical, we advocate the use of thermoplastic rubber for injection molding because of its numerous advantages. Its physical and chemical properties are significant advantages to using this material.

As compared to other materials, TPR is easy to mold. It does not require the use of high-tech facilities. Streamlining the process thus becomes easy.

We also offer customization services that are best molded with TPR. It also is compatible with a number of other plastic materials. Versatility is a notable plus point.

While comparing the manufacturing time of thermoset rubber to TPR, we get better results in terms. That increases efficiency and services.

What are Thermoplastic Rubber Material Properties?

Thermoplastic rubber gives good tensile strength and high chemical resistance. The properties of the tpr rubber material as a medical grade plastics define their functionality and efficiency in the medical industry. 

Chemical Resistance

Whether it is for acids or alkalis, oil, and grease, the copolymer shows notable chemical resistance.

Strong Physical Properties

The enhanced physical properties of this material add to its durability. Good tensile strength and fatigue strength are some of the highlights.

Recyclable and Reusable

Recyclability adds to the sustainability of a material which is important for medical equipment to help reduce costs.

High impact strength

The high impact strength means that the compound has high tear and abrasion resistance. It helps with a longer life cycle of the product.

Temperature Resistance

The temperature resistance of this copolymer can tolerate high temperatures up to 140°C.

Wide range of durometers

This copolymer is available in range durometers that include 20 Shore OO to 85 Shore D.

Difference between TPR and TPE: TPR vs. TPE

Thermoplastic Elastomer and Thermoplastic rubber have different properties and applications in injection molding. At Seaskymedical, we can assist you with the material selection according to your requirement. 


The constitution of both these components is extremely different from the base material, which also leads to different elasticities. TPR is used for medical equipment for its hardness, while TPE is inherently soft.


Thermoplastic rubber is derived from SBS material, while thermoplastic elastomer uses SEBS material as its base. SEBS is the hydrogenated form of SBS which adds different physical properties to the base material and the property of TPE.

Physical Range

Thermoplastic elastomers see extensive use in the injection molding industry. Thermoplastic rubber has wider applications and various physical strengths to be used in medical equipment.

Benefits of Our TPR Rubber Plastic Injection
Molding Service

Our team of experts is always ready to help with adequate material selection, injection molding, and medical plastic packaging. At Seaskymedical, you get services from a standard medical plastic injection molding factory and value added assembly services.

Cooperate With Certified Color Masterbatch Suppliers

We are in contact with ten color masterbatch materials suppliers. Our material selection team has more than a decade’s experience with material selection. Seaskymedical has a global customer base.

Professional Custom TPR Molding service

We offer customized mold tooling design services to the clients, along with material selection services. Our TPR molding service can be tailored to the medical industry with micro injection molding as per the client's demands.

High Standard and Perfect TPR Plastic Molding Design

Our team of skilled engineers creates medical standard molding designs with high-quality TPR materials. We try to maintain strict quality control standards and have an ISO 13485-2016 certification and ISO 8 medical injection moulding cleanroom.

Recommend TPR plastic for Biocompatibility

The TPR service requires biocompatibility with the chemical and temperature. Our team recommends the suitable material and provides you with high-quality TPR material for injection molding services.

One-stop Services

Seaskymedical has dedicated customer service with a short lead time and free mold design service. We also offer value-added service and on-time delivery through a streamlined process. There are dedicated after-sales services with our injection molding services.

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