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Injection Molding Disposable Infusion Sets
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The IV disposable infusion sets are a vital tool for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. It is used to infuse liquid medicines into the body through an IV tube.  As a molded blood transfusion set manufacturer and factory, we follow the guidelines regarding the production and wholesale IV infusion set. 


The IV infusion set consists of plastic components including the IV cannulae, tubing and connectors. The cannulae are hollow needles that are fitted with a liquid medicine into them. The tubing is used to connect the cannulae to each other to form a closed circuit. Finally, the connectors join both ends of the tubing together to form an uninterrupted path for the medicine to flow through.


The common IV Infusion Set in Seaskymedical includes:

IV Sets

OEM Disposable Infusion Sets in Top IV Set Manufacturer

OEM Disposable Infusion Sets: Used in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, they are supplied by IV set manufacturer. These IV infusion sets are used to administer fluids and medications to patients. Molded Disposable infusion sets are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology.

IV set size

the size of IV sets molding is determined by the number of infusion sets per IV set. Disposable Infusion Sets are produced in accordance with customer’s required sizes. Injection molding in clean room is a must for IV sets.

IV Set Length

The average length of a disposable infusion set is 4.9 inches long. This size is ideal for patients who are between 5 and 10 years old. The average length of an adult disposable infusion set is 6.3 inches long. This size is ideal for adults who are 10 through 18 years old. The average length of a pediatric disposable infusion set is 8.4 inches long and comes in sizes ranging from 5 to 11 inches in length.

IV Set Packagings

All our custom disposable infusion sets are packaged in our sterile clean room after undergoing a strict inspection process. They are packaged in Poly Pack, HM Pouch, or Soft Blister. Packaging is also important for medical disposables manufacturers.

Custom IV Infusion Sets by Full Processes

Seaskymedical, an IV set molding manufacturer, is committed to delivering hassle-free, leading to your easy and successful disposable infusion sets sourcing in China.

IV Sets

Parts & Mold Design

The parts and mold tooling design of custom infusion sets are the most important aspect of the process. The design of the parts and mold is a very important step in manufacturing, as it will determine how your custom infusion sets molding are going to perform.

IV Sets1

3D Prototyping

One most important aspect of custom infusion sets is the printing & prototyping stage. This process allows for a better understanding of how your product will be manufactured, and it allows you to get the most out of your budget.

IV Sets

Injection Molding

Medical plastic injection is an ideal process for making custom infusion sets. The process in our IV set factory involves heating plastic, injecting it into a cavity, and then cooling it to form the desired shape.

Blood Transfusion Sets

Medical Validation and Verification

The medical validation and verification of infused products is an essential step in the product development process. The medical validation and verification of Custom Infusion Sets can be performed by any qualified person, such as a pharmacist or laboratory technician.

Benefits & Features of Seaskymedical Molded Blood Transfusion Set

Blood transfusion set is a medical device that is used to collect blood from one person and then give it to someone else. This process can be done in a hospital setting or at home. 

Disposable Infusion IV Sets

Considering a professional medical molding factory as your molded blood transfusion set manufacturer is also important.  Also, the high qualification of a blood transfusion set factory is a must. There are many benefits and features of this type of medical device.

Strong, sharp tip for simple penetration into the vein and blood bag.

Maintain Circulation, large drip chamber that makes transfusion easy.

E.O. Gas Sterilization in blood transfusion set helps to prevent infection.

High compliance with ISO standards.

Clear and transparent tubing that facilitates the monitoring of the blood transfusion.

Flow regulator to check the flow of the transfusion passing the drip and the remaining amount needed.

The luer lock hub can be used with injection needles and intravenous catheters.

Class 7 and 8 cleanroom sterile and individual packaging.This is typical among a blood transfusion set molding, and or a IV infusion set manufacturer.

Why Choose Seaskymedical as your Blood Transfusion Set Factory

Professinal molding blood transfusion set factory could provide Class 8 Clean room injection molding for IV blood transfusion set manufacturing, which guarantees the sterilization of medical consumables.

Molded in Class 7 Clean Room Injection

Molded in class 7 clean room injection is an important part of the process because it helps to ensure that the finished product is sterile, which is necessary for products that have to be used in medical settings. The molded in class 7 clean room injection can be applied to any type of plastic or rubber.

Cooperate with Certified Material Color Supplier

Reliable blood transfusion set factory like Seaskymedical usually cooperates with certified material color suppliers to source medical-grade plastic material. Biocompatibility with various resins and columns for medical products is also provided by us.

Various Plastic Injection Molding Options

Plastic injection molding is a method used to produce medical device parts and medical consumables like molded IV sets, it is important to consider the different types of molding methods. Insert molding, overmolding, and micro-molding are available in Seaskymedical.

ISO Quality certified

ISO 13485:2016 is the must quality standard for IV set manufacturer. Professional surgical disposable manufacturers also need to equip with this certificate to guarantee the safety of your medical products.

Rigorous Medical Verification

At Seasskymedical, we are committed to making the best sampling tube for our customers. Our blood collection tubes are made from the highest quality material. We also provide the competitive prices because we are a disposable sampling tube manufacturer, you could save other unnecessary charges.

One stop service

Seaskymedical, a one stop-service medical molding company, could provide worry-free service for your custom IV sets manufacturing, which includes mold tooling development, mold making, injection molding , assembly and packaging.

Why Apply Injection Molding to Your IV Set Manufacturing

Injection molding has become more popular in recent years due to its ease of use and low cost. As a iv set molding factory,we also allow customization as well as high-quality parts that can be produced quickly and inexpensively. Injection molding is especially useful for disposable infusion sets because it allows for quick creation of small parts. Furthermore, injection molding allows you to create complex designs that would not be possible with other manufacturing methods.

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