Custome Disposable Medical Syringe

We don’t have medical syringe in stock, carrying out injection molding of plastic medical products after accepting your order.

Molding Disposable Plastic Syringe
in Seaksymedical

As one of the best molding disposable syringe manufacturers, we reduce project risks by recommending the best materials, optimizing product design, and planning sterile injection molding for the manufacturing of disposable syringes. Seaskymedical provides our customers with the best quality custom disposable syringes and CT injector syringe by using medical-grade resins. All our manufacturing preocedures go through medical validation and verification.

Disposable Injection Syringe

Disposable injection syringe

High-Pressure CT Injector Syringe

High Pressure CT Injector Syringe

OEM Medical Syringe from Top Disposable Syringe Manufacturers

Seaskymedical, specializing in plastic medical device contract manufacturing, provides our customers with OEM medical syringes that have undergone strict production processes to ensure that they meet the required specifications and are compatible for healthcare purposes.

Custom Medical Syringe Size

Seaskymedical has precise tools and experienced manpower for making all sizes of syringes. All we need is the specification for your needs.

Clean room Sterilization

Medical syringes are important devices that need to be clean as they are usually inserted into the body, hence why we sterilize them in our Class 7 & 8 clean room that’s void of contamination.

Medical Syringe Assembly

At Seaskymedical, we comply with product and regulatory requirements to make sure that the molded disposable medical syringes are assembled appropriately, function effectively, and safe for use

Medical Syringe Packaging

The kind of packaging used influences the aesthetics, durability and shelf life of the syringes, which is why we use customized and rigid packaging that reflect your brand identity and guarantee the safety of your custom medical syringes.

Custom Disposable Plastic Syringe by Full Processes

One-Stop custom petri dish solutions are available in Seaskymedical, included but not limited injection mold making for OEM petri dish.
Injection Molding tooling

Parts & Mold Design

Our team at Seaskymedical, a medical disposable manufacturing company, is ready to assist you if you require customized injection moulding tool design for disposable syringe production .

3D printing & prototype

3D Prototyping

You can save money on your project by using our low prices and high-quality work and prototyping. Professional Chinese syringe molding manufacturers would use 3D prototyping to reduce the risk of manufacturing disposable syringes.

Professional cleanroom for injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Seaskymedical, one of the best custome medical syringe manufacturers, carries out a variety of injection molding methods for disposable syringe production with medical-grade materials, like insert molding, overmolding, micro molding.

V&V medical device

Medical Validation and Verification

We suggest the best materials and design in our medical product design and development, and meticulously schedule injection molding and V&V medical devices to reduce the risk of syringe molding.

Benefits of Molding CT Syringe & Disposable Syringe

CT injector syringe has the potential to be an infection source. Multiple-use molded syringes have been linked to an increased risk of infection, which is especially important in sick patients, so 

single-use disposable syringes molding should be preferred.

CT injector syringe

Custom syringes are engineered, tested, and guaranteed to work with your injection systems.

Each surgical disposable products manufacturer has been carefully selected, audited, and certified to ensure that materials meet our chemical composition and purity requirements.

Each molded medical syringe package is subjected to stringent specifications as well as extensive environmental and transportation simulation testing.

To ensure optimal injector performance and patient care, medical-grade materials are chosen through a stringent vendor qualification process.

Inside the syringe barrel, the volume of silicone coating is precisely controlled.

During CT scans and in the interventional suite, automated imaging agent injectors improve cardiac care.

In cardiac imaging, automated contrast media injectors are used to help improve patient safety and image quality.

Disposable syringes molded by Seaskymedical are a convenient and quick way to attach a needle.

Why Disposable Syringe Manufacturers Choose Seaskymedical

SeaskyMedical is a medical plastic injection molding company that specializes in the development and manufacture of medical injection molded products like disposable injection syringe . We can help you with product design and development, mold design and construction, material selection, and injection molding for manufacturing of disposable syringes.

Molded in Class 7 Clean Room Injection

The requirements for medical syring production in the medical industry are extremely high. It is critical for Chinese syringe manufacturers to manufacturing in a dust-free workshop to reduce product environmental impact and improve product quality.

High Accuracy and Fine Detail

In the medical field, the demand for injection molding products is rapidly increasing. SeaskyMedical has excellent micro injection molding capabilities to meet your manufacturing of custom disposable syringes.

Flexible Customization

SeaskyMedical, one of the chinese syringe manufacturers, has a lot of experience designing and developing custom medical plastic products and precision molds, which making custom disposable syringe production possible.

ISO 13485, CE Quality Certified

SeaskyMedical has a broad understanding of materials and work with a variety of medical-grade plastics. We also meet the stringent cleanliness criteria and tight tolerances of the medical field for the manufacturing of custom disposable syringes.

Competitive Price

From design to tooling to material selection and manufacturing, Seasky Medical can help you with one-stop medical injection molding for disposable syringe production. What you could get from us, the disposable syringe manufacturers, is competitive price.

Rigorous Medical Verification

SeaskyMedical provides outstanding solutions for a wide range of medical products. We can efficiently complete your bulk manufacturing of disposable syringes and adhere to the stringent medical device validation and verification.

Why Apply Injection Molding to Your Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

We can design and build plastic medical equipment part to meet any special requirements thanks to our extensive experience and thorough analysis and testing. 


To provide extreme temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and enhanced load-bearing for disposable syringes molding, we use high-performance and engineering-grade resins. To ensure quality and high productivity, we use efficient processing methods and techniques, as well as top-of-the-line equipment to manufacture medical syringes.

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