TPU Injection Molding

Grab Seaskymedical’s finest Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU injection molding services to build robust medical equipment parts.

TPU injection molding in Seaskymedical

Seaskymedical is one of the top-notch medical injection molding companies that offers ultimate injection molding services at reasonable rates without compromising quality. Since our team of experts have been dealing with TPU molding for over several years, you can rest assured about the end products. 


SeaskyMedical has a robust wisdom in TPU injection molding. It processes high-end injection moldings in the medical sector. We have garnered tons of customers worldwide due to our best medical device contract manufacturing solutions.  


Seaskymedical offers a wide range of medical grade plastic molding services across medical consumables, medical equipment, and consumable laboratory applications. We embrace less-riskier product development solutions to produce quality-rich products in a short span.

Custom Various TPU Injection Molding Services

Seaskymedical offers a few different thermoplastic polyurethane injection molding services that you might need. These include medical injection molding, overmolding, insert molding, micro-molding, and ultrasonic bonding. Whether you’re looking for exceptional injection molding services or quality-rich laboratory equipment development solutions, Seaskymedical is here to design. 

Medical TPU Injection Molding

Medical TPU injection molding is used for manufacturing needles, knobs, enclosures, dental instruments, tubes, and other medical equipment. It’s one of the most demanding services because of its lightweight, better ergonomics, and functionality. 

Medical Overmolding

The TPU overmolding is the process of building a single part using multiple elastomers or plastic materials. Although TPU overmold is a tricky process, it’s worth it as it enhances grip, ensures electrical insulation, and absorbs vibrations or sounds.

Medical Insert Molding

TPU Insert molding is one of the highly customizable techniques that are best for minimal volume prototypes. TPU offers excellent adhesion to plastics and is mainly made of brass, steel, or stainless steel.

Medical Micro Molding

Micro molding is one of the most challenging injection molding techniques that work with larger molecules. TPU micro molding is highly beneficial for the healthcare industry to manufacture surgical devices or other medical appliances.

Compression molding

Ultrasonic bonding is an advanced process that leverages ultrasonic vibrations to connect plastics, metals, or other materials like TPU material.

What is Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU)?

Thermoplastic Polyurethane(Aka TPU) is a part of robust, durable, and flexible thermoplastic elastomers. 

Since these are resistant to heat and abrasion, they’re used to manufacture multiple products in various industries such as automotive, electronics, medical device ​parts, textiles, fabrics, and a lot more. In addition, TPU is widely used in sporting goods, tubing, wires, and a lot more.

What are the TPU Material Properties?

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

The best TPU material properties are their higher tensile strength, superior load-bearing ability, and excellent performance. A few thermoplastic polyurethane properties include excellent abrasion and resistance.

Withstand High Temperature

The foremost and one of the most significant TPU properties is its extruder temperature ranging from 240℃ to 260℃- On the other hand, the printing bed temperature is around 40℃ to 60℃. The TPU melting point is 145.69℃.


Thermoplastic polyurethane has greater strength when compared to other plastics or rubbers and can be rated as 6/10. In a nutshell, TPU tensile strength is higher than other materials like TPE.


Nothing can beat the durability of TPU molding. It's highly durable and hence used in various medical and automobile applications.


TPU is a water-proof material. This is why it's even used in electrical applications like wiring and protective coatings for medical device molding.


TPU is resistant to chemicals, oils, grease, abrasion, temperature, and UV. Because of its wide range of resistance properties, it's leveraged in medical molding sectors.

Why We Use TPU Plastic Material
For Injection Molding

TPU material has numerous features supporting injection molding techniques. The rigid and flexible properties contribute the lion’s share to molding kick-ass medical products.

The adequate elasticity and softer properties of TPU make it best for the injection molding process. Hence, the TPU injection molding process is more effortless.

TPU molding is stretchy and has minimal shrinkage or warpage.

TPU injection molding is even resistant to abrasion, grease, oil, chemicals, and other impacts.

All the above-mentioned properties ensure robust TPU material injection molding services at Seaskymedical.

Benefits of Seaskymedical TPR Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Service

Seaskymedical strongly believes in reliability and precision while manufacturing medical equipment. Hence, all the medical devices and tools are manufactured from durable, sturdy, and certified materials like thermoplastic polyurethane. 

Premium Molidng Services

We collaborate with certified material suppliers and leverage advanced medical plastic molding technology to build various medical equipment parts.

High-End Customizations

The need for medical equipment molding is evolving rapidly. Seaskymedical offers top-notch TPU molding customization services based on the clients’ requirements.

Skilled Team

Seaskymedical work with skilled engineers, and product development specialists to ensure high-standard TPU injection molding process and services for medical device parts manufacturing.

Quick Reply Services

With full experience in the manufacturing process, Seaskymedical garnered the highest customer retention rate. Get our exclusive TPU molding services. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

TPE vs. TPU: What's The Difference Between TPU and TPE

Although most people think they’re the same due to their similar properties, in fact, they aren’t. Since we’ve been working with TPU injection molding for several years, we noticed many differences between them. 

Molding Technologies

TPU: The manufacturers can build high-quality products in a short period using FDM technology. TPU molding is even cost-effective.

TPE: While dealing with TPE material, the manufacturers should take utmost care due to its higher flexibility. Moreover, TPE molding requires expensive manufacturing tools to create a stellar end product.

Storage Conditions

Usually, TPE material quickly absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere(Hygroscopic). So, they must be stored in a low-humidity environment, or else the quality of the TPE gradually degrades.

TPU and TPE materials are hygroscopic that absorb moisture. Hence, the same goes with the TPU as that of TPE. Both must be stored in airtight containers.

High stability

TPU is the advanced development of TPE. And it has the highest stability and durability. Whether you'd like to fabricate automobiles, healthcare products molding, or textile goods, TPUs work best.

However, this doesn't mean it's ideal for all applications. TPU doesn't work where you need great flexibility. Since it's a bit harder than TPE.

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