Free Mold Design Service

A mold tool design needs to be adhering to the medical standards while being customized as per the client requirements. With the use of the latest technological innovation, Seaskymedical, as a plastic mold design company, offers FREE mold design services along with injection molding options.

Free Mold Design Service for Medical Devices & Consumables

Good and functional medical equipment is dependent on the mold design, which is only possible to make with the utmost care for quality and precision. injection mold designer needs to adhere to the medical standards while custom mold and design as per the client requirements.


Precise injection molding tool design speeds up the streamlining process. It also reduces costs, optimizes daily operations, and impacts the quality of the parts manufactured. With the use of the latest technological innovation, Seaskymedical offers FREE mold tool design services along with injection molding options.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Capabilities
in Seaskymedical

Plastic injection molds are made from steel, aluminum or hardened steel. Hardened steel is preferred because of durability and resistance to wear and tear. Steel is relatively expensive than aluminum but can be used for a longer duration. The medical-grade product should be of a standard size and shape. 

Seaskymedical uses innovative software for product design and 3D printing before going on with plastic mold manufacturing. We try to include the client’s preferences in the product development stage to reduce the margin of error, which speeds up the process.

medical product drawing

Medical Product Drawing

Being a custom mold tool manufacturers, we start with product development and get client approval before moving ahead. Before going on with mold tooling, our experts create a product drawing with right dimensions and present it to the client.

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3D prototype

Latest technology like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Master CAM, and Mold Flow MPI designs precise molding tools. We will create a prototype based on mold ​design. 3D printing helps to create a prototype before finalizing the mold design given by the client for mass production.

mold tooling material

Mold Material Selection

The material of the mold decides on its durability and reliability when it comes to regular use. Precision required in the part and the rust-free nature decide the grade of hardened steel. We offer hardened steel mold making, which is available in three grades: H13, S136, and 8407.

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MUD (Master Unit Die)

An MUD or Master Unit Die is used for increasing the applicability and production capability of an insert mold. A frame can hold two different types of insert plates for different types of inserts.

Unscrewing Molds

Unscrewing Molds

Unscrewing mold allows for the production of threaded components. The process of molding involves rotation which requires specialized removal methods to keep the part in one piece.

cold/hot runner

Cold runner / Hot Runner

The hot and cold runners are related to the temperature of the mold and the material. A hot runner system allows the entirely of the material to be poured as liquid in high temperatures. A cold runner system keeps both the runner and the mold at a constant temperature.

side action sketch 570x308 1

Action Molds

Action molds rely on external force to put the core in pressure enough to take a particular shape in a mold. Actions like compression fit need to merge with modular systems for proper setting.

fig 9 1 basic 2 plate mold

Two Plate Molds

Two plate molds are most extensively used in the industry and comprise one moving and one stable part. They are easy to design and manufacture for molding of shallow parts.

3 Plate Mold Image 3

Three Plate Molds

There are two parting surfaces which constitute a three plate mold. It allows for different runner placement and automatic degating process. A three plate mold is more complex in design as compared to a two plate mold.

Custom and Design Injection Molding Tools

At Seaskymedical, our team of experts is ready for any challenge. You can come with your specific needs, i.e. for creation of a customized solution. We offer both prototyping and on-demand manufacturing; the lifecycle costs of both are different. 



The focus is on design and configuration along with prototyping to help the client get their hands on the sample before moving on to final production. We also provide value-added services. You can choose our one stop service for reduced costs.

Custom moldin

Why Seaskymedical as your Custom Mold Manufacturers?

Injection mold tooling requires precision which is to be done with quality control measures and care for customization. We at Seasky Medical have plastic molding tools to help bring the mold design to life via a prototype which the customer finalizes. 

Advanced Machines

We have machines from overseas to help with our production capabilities. Apart from those, the injection mold making is done via precision manufacturing machines like mirror spark machines, high-speed CNC, and CMM.

Simplified supply chain

We try to make the supply chain as simplified as possible by making the process efficient and faster than expected. For customized solutions for prototyping and on-demand services, there are also faster mold tooling solutions. 

Professional Engineers

We have a team of professional engineers who have had more than a decade's worth of experience in the medical industry. They know the demand of the industry and are ready to create plastic molding tools as per customer specifications. 

Mor than 10+ Years Experience

We are one of the best Chinese injection mold tooling suppliers with more than ten years of experience. Our expertise is in the injection molding and mold design tooling industry. Seaskymedical has optimized its services to a great extent for faster service. 

Free service

Seaskymedical is always ready to assist you with model design and injection molding services with different secondary operations. Being a one-stop experience, we try to control production costs by efficient production related to plastic injection molding tooling. 

Things that Need to Consider When
Starting Mold Tool Design

Before plastic injection molding tooling, our team works on mold design. Mold deisgning determines minute factors such as the angles and wall thickness. The texture of the mold and the measurement as per the precision are also important. 

The direction the line of draw

The direction of the line of the draw is important because it directly impacts how the two halves of the mold sit together. This decides the final product, so the direction of the draw should be pre-decided in injection mold tooling.

Amount of texture

The texture is decided by the design of the part. Ideally, there is the need for a certain texture because it helps with the grip of a delicate part. However, we can also provide molding tools with a glossy finish to give a smooth appearance.

Angle issues

Harsh angles like 90 degrees are not preferable at close proximity to the parting line. We resolve all of these problems during the design process. The mold tooling needs to go smoothly for better production capacity.

Temperature control within the tool

With hardened steel offered by Seaskymedical, you do not need to worry about temperature control. We make the tool temperature resistant so that the fluid does not damage the tool during the molding process.

Wall thickness

The wall thickness should always be uniform across the entire part. Because the fluid, when inserted, can cool evenly without causing warping or inconsistent setting. The medical device verification and validation depends on how it dries, determined by wall thickness.

Filler requirements

You should know the core characteristics of the filler you are opting for on the basis of strength and durability. We offer contract medical manufacturing to help the clients add several services as per need.

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