Medical Insert Molding

Medical insert molding uses a mold and an insert with different material to fill the cavity. It creates precise medical equipment. Seaskymedical provides specialized services for insert injection molding. 

Medical Insert Molding in Seaskymedical

Medical insert molding is based on the basic principle of producing standard equipment with the help of insertion of a component. The component within the mold lets the plastic of chosen material set around it. 


The production thus done is for a single unit which increases wear resistance and overall strength of the component. We try to provide you with the insert molding services at Seaskymedical.

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Various Insert Molding Solutions
for Your Medical Need

The insert molding applications depend on the client’s requirements and the standard size guidelines. We offer a number of materials used for insert injection molding, along with other ranges of our services.

Rubber insert molding

Rubber insert molding

Rubber is used extensively in insert injection molding because of its heat and electrical insulation properties. It is used in insert molding through chemical bonding, which increases the strength of the cooled part.

Silicone insert molding

Silicone insert molding

Silicone is a great material for medical-grade operations because of its non-reactive nature at room temperature. Silicone insert molding is able to manufacture a glossy finish if required by the client.

Plastic insert molding raw material

Plastic insert molding

For a uniform design with minimal warping, plastic insert injection molding is preferable. The inserts for the molding should be chosen by the client. FDA-approved materials for medical devices are chosen based on their elasticity and integrated assembly.

Thermoplastic inserts

Thermoplastic inserts

Thermoplastics are characterized by their rigidity at room temperature. With molds in threaded inserts, thermoplastics are used extensively. They are also employed in plastic insert molding for precision manufacturing.

Insert compression molding

Insert compression molding

Insert compression molding takes the insert molding process a step further and is used primarily for intricate designs (Further Reading: Insert Molding Process). (Further Reading: Insert Molding Process). (Further Reading: Insert Molding Process).. A hydraulic press is used to press down the material into the cavity to create uniform insert molding products.

Cavity insert injection molding

Cavity insert injection molding

Cavity insert injection molding works to prevent any deviation in the final product. The operative function of these cavity inserts is to facilitate cooling. Each cavity insert carries a cooling channel to make the material setting process safe against uneven settings.

Mold in threaded inserts

Mold in threaded inserts

The insert is open at both ends so the cooling with mold threaded inserts needs to be consistent. The mold in inserts are threaded accordingly to facilitate even cooling. This is beneficial to better design.

Interchangeable mold insert design

Interchangeable mold inserts

The primary function of interchangeable mold inserts is that they can be interchanged for minor variations. Since they do not require a complete change in design or material selection. They save time and increase efficiency.

What Seaskymedical can Offer for Your
Medical Insert Molding Program?

As an insert molding supplier, we understand the demand of the industry and try our best to help you with fast production. As a one-stop service, our aim is to help you with details of production dealing with quality control.

One-stop service

Seaskymedical is a one-stop service, with the primary concern being cost reduction. We are always ready to help you with solutions ranging from mold design, mold tooling, prototyping, and injection molding. There are also secondary services like packaging and assembly.

ISO 13485:2016 and class 8 certificate

We have  ISO 13485:2016 certification and advanced machines in the ISO 8 medical device cleanroom. It allows us to handle tight tolerance without risking any kind of contamination in medical products. Our team keeps a quality check on all of our production facilities. 

Various injection mold capabilities for medical device

As top medical device injection molding companies, there is a range of services to offer clients when it comes to injection molding, from medical micro injection to insert molding.

10+ years of experience in insert molding

Seaskymedical has had more than decades’ worth of experience in providing insert molding solutions. We have state-of-the-art tooling to help plastic medical products with complex geometries and specifications during customization.

Advanced German and Japanese insert molding machine

We have imported high-tech machines from overseas. They help us with maintaining tight tolerance and automated component loading. The machines make finished part unloading easy during insert overmolding.

Secondary operation

At Seaskymedical, a number of secondary operations are included in the insert molding products, including class 7 & 8 cleanroom packaging and assembly, bonding, as well as printing services to add a brand logo.

Why is insert mold Important in the Medical Field?

The medical field relies on standard dimensions of the equipment supplied for regular procedures. Medical nsert molding provides least to no deviation from a standard design through tight tolerance. With the option of getting insert compression molding products, there remains no room for error which reduces production costs and streamlines the process.

Manufacture mold tooling

User Friendly

Due to specialized mold tooling design, Seaskymedical aims to make your products more accessible, which makes it more user-friendly than competitor insert molding companies.

Fine Texture and Finish

Due to options like compression available in plastic injection mold design, the client can choose texture.
The resin or plastic can be infused with fillers to give it
a glossy finish. We make sure that the product design adheres to the medical device verification and validation standards of the industry.

Various Applications

The medical field has numerous applications which require a variety of designs. Seaskymedical offers a range of products and services for the same. The applications of insert molding products can extend to defense, industrial, and consumer markets.

Design Flexibility

With customized solutions, we offer ultrasonic plastic welding which helps in the better setting of the material into the cavity. It aids in preventing uneven cooling and warping. Our services involve creation of a prototype based on the mold design.

What is Medical Insert Molding Process?

Insert injection molding process requires the formation of components through the setting of plastic around an insert. The inserts can be complex which requires precision molding. For medical applications, medical-grade plastic is to be used to produce a single unit. 

At Seaskymedical, we create insert molding solutions to help with component strength and wear resistance.

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Wholesale Products from Insert Molding Supplier

At Seaskymedical, we offer a number of medical insert molding solutions. It includes plastic surgical and dental instruments, medical tubing connectors, medical equipment components. There are standard products at wholesale prices for bulk orders.

All Materials used in Medical Insert Molding are Available

Seaskymedical offers a number of materials for insert injection molding. We understand the different applications of the healthcare industry and provide solutions in the following medical-grade materials:


They are used by medical plastic injection molding manufacturers.  They also make the operation less costly when compared with other mold-making processes.

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