Medical Micro Injection Molding

Micro medical products is pretty important in medical device. With the help of German & Japanese high-precision injection machines and class 7&8 Cleanroom, Sesskymedical is proficient in medical micro molding.

Micro-injection molding product sample.

0.2mm Thin Wall

Challenge the Impossible Micro Injection Molding

Micro injection molding is used to produce products with overall dimensions or functional areas or tolerances in millimeters or even microns. SeaskyMedical challenges the micro injection that 99% of our peers think is impossible. We can manufacture micro products from 0.1g to 0.5g and products with 0.2 mm wall thickness.

  • Precision mold processing equipment
  • Imported high-precision injection molding machines
  • Professional team with more than 10 years of industry experience

Perfect Solution for Micro Moulds and Plastics

Overmolding, an injection molding process of coating equipment with several materials, has circulated all manufacturing industries, especially the medical industry. This process is highly favored in the production of medical plastic products as it enhances better grip and ergonomics of devices, creates a waterproof seal, improves resistance to abrasion, dampens noise and vibration, provides electrical insulation, and many other benefits.


At SeaskyMedical, we overmold any kind of plastic medical device to improve the design, functionality and ease of operation. Following the stringent requirements for product cleanliness in the medical industry, we utilize our class 100,000 cleanroom in manufacturing and carrying out overmolding processes.

Molding Benefits from Our German & Japanese Micro Molding Machines

SeaskyMedical is a proficient micro molder with vast experience in molding various micro parts. The benefits you will gain from having us handle your micro molding projects are endless. Here are some of them.

Production of multiple small parts

We’re able to manufacture thousands, millions, even billions of micro parts, ensuring that they have the same dimension and structure. It’s guaranteed that all your micro injected parts will be accurate and the cost will be lower.

Tight tolerance and high precision

We are experts in molding micro parts that hold tight tolerance, even as small as ±5 microns (0.0002 in.). Using our advanced German and Japanese micro molding machines, the shapes, cavities, and designs of the micro parts we mold are produced according to plan, without any deform.

Various micro injection molding capabilities

We have numerous capabilities including manufacturing of thin-wall products, high-temperature, micro insert molding, and micro overmolding. We practice clean room molding to ensure that our medical micro parts are suitable for use inside and outside the body.

Smart control system

With the help of German and Japanese micro injection machines, we have an efficient control system that ensures that the micro molding process is appropriately done. This eliminates any fault or mistake that could rise up.

Contaminant resistance

Our manufactured micro parts are prevented from contamination. The injection molding, packaging, and assembly are all done in the class 7 & 8 cleanroom, thereby preventing any contaminant.

Flexibility assurance

Molds used in micro molding are made of soft materials like aluminum, which allows changes to be made to the design easily. We can help you change your design anytime you want.

Get Medical Plastic Products from Our
Medical Micro Molding

We make several micro medical plastic products that are used in the medical industry. We follow your requirements and customize them in the way you want. Described below are a few out of the many products you can get.

We make small syringes and IV parts that are manufactured in the clean room in order to prevent contaminants and to ensure that they are safe for use in the body.

Syringes and IV parts

Sterile blood collection tubes that are used in drawing a predetermined amount of blood could be manufactured in Seaskymedical.

Blood collection tubes

At SeaskyMedical, we manufacture medicine delivery devices that can be used to distribute drugs, as well as consumable medical supplies. These devices are protective and resistant to chemicals, thereby keeping the drugs in perfect condition.

Drug delivery devices

We make screen cups that are very useful in filtering medical samples especially when there are a lot of samples to be examined.

Screen cups used in filtering a variety of medical samples

We manufacture mini medical device parts, even to the smallest ones that other people fear or fail to produce. Lens cap is one of products that manufactured by micro mold machine.

Lens Cap

At SeaskyMedical, we manufacture specimen cups that are useful in collecting consumable lab supplies and laboratory samples.

Specimen cups

We also specialize in making filters that are capable of preventing the passage of bacteria through solutions. They can also be used as filtration in oxygen nebulizer, respiratory and infusion filters.

Medical Bacteria/viral filter
(BV filter)

We make plastic cuvettes that are used in biochemical analysis. These cuvettes are commonly used in the laboratory and are capable of holding samples while they are being analyzed.

Plastic cuvette

Why Choose SeaskyMedical as
Your Micro Injection Molding Company?

At SeaskyMedical, we make flawless micro injection molds that comply with your requirements. Described below are a few out of the many reasons why you should choose us as your micro injection molding company.

We have in-house experts who are specialized in mold design and the build process. At SeaskyMedical, we inspect every procedure of manufacturing. Also, we will carry you along at every stage to ensure that your custom needs are met.

We make use of advanced German and Japanese all-electric micro molding machines to carry out our micro molding process, as well as other demanding geometry and tight tolerance parts.

We have an experienced workforce in micro injection who have worked over the years to satisfy the exact needs of customers and get their repeat orders from us. You can trust us to meet your micro injection projects according to your requirements.

We possess ISO 13485-2016 certificate, which makes our products safe for use. We carry out all our operations in our class 7 & 8 cleanroom. From concept, design, rapid prototyping, assembly and packaging, we ensure cleanliness and contamination-free production.

We find suitable materials for your micro molding process using precision, high-resolution vision systems to measure products dimensions and colors. We take care of your medical grade plastic, material selection, and provide domestic large companies with service, rigorous inspection, and measure after manufacturing.

We have the capabilities of tackling all types of micro molding projects, even the toughest micro parts challenges that seem undoable. After production, the assembly and packaging are done in our class 7 & 8 cleanroom to ensure cleanliness.

We are very fast in production as there are many automated injection machines and experts in-house; The fastest time from order receipt to delivery is 4 weeks.

Custom Micro Injection Molding Process

At SeaskyMedical, we make flawless micro injection molds that comply with your requirements. Described below are a few out of the many reasons why you should choose us as your micro injection molding company.

Choose materials for micro molding

The following are two of the materials for your custom micro injection molding process. All materials for your custom medical micro injection are available in Seaskemedical.

Silicone micro molding: One suitable material used for micro molding is silicone, which is also known as rubber. It’s an elastic and flexible material that can be conformed to the shape and pattern you prefer.

Micro plastic injection: The other suitable material for custom micro medicine products is plastic. You can use it to make a plastic medical device. There are majorly two types of plastics you can use – thermoplastics and thermosets. The former is recyclable, while the latter is not recyclable.

 Confirm the right injection mold

You need to be certain about the micro injection mold you want. Below are the micro injection molding you can choose from.

Micro insert molding: This is the process of molding plastic or silicone materials around micro parts. The micro parts are inserted into the mold and they are then coated with heated plastic or silicone materials.

Micro overmolding: This is the process of molding another polymer over an already molded micro part. It makes the micro part stronger, easy to grip, and resistant to abrasion.

Choose injection environment

Cleanroom injection environment: This is the process of carrying out the molding process in a specialized cleanroom as approved by the International Organizational Standardization (ISO). This guarantees that the medical products are safe and sterile for use.


Advanced equipment is processing precision injection molds.

Using mirror spark machine for precision machining can eliminate the process of manual polishing. This improve the mold performance and shorten its manufacturing cycle.

A mold designer designs a precision injection mold on computer software.

The key technologies of micro injection mold design mainly include variable temperature mold design, vacuum exhaust system design, and mold release mechanism design.

High-precision Mold Making

The Key to Micro Injection Molding

The processing accuracy and cost of micro-injection molds determine the cost and possibility of mass production. Therefore, designing a mold with a reasonable structure is the key to obtaining high-quality injection molded products. Our team has more than 10 years of experience and robust expertise in precision mold making. In the early stage of mold design, we will work closely with you to formulate a reliable mold design and manufacturing process plan.

To manufacture precision molds, we have precision manufacturing and measuring equipment such as mirror spark machines, high-speed CNC and CMM.

A staff member in a clean suit is operating an injection molding machine.

Advanced Micro Injection Molding Machines

SeaskyMedical introduces high-precision injection molding machines from abroad (FANUC in Japan and BOY in Germany). Compared with general micro injection machines, our machines have higher accuracy and production stability.

Micro Molded Product Samples

Successful Cases

Check through our cases and see how we solve problems with robust injection molding capabilities.

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