Quality Assurance

A staff member is measuring a injection molded product with a measuring tape.


Mature Quality Control System Brings Assured Products

In the medical industry, product quality cannot be compromised because it greatly affects medical safety. SeaskyMedical strictly follows ISO 13485:2016 quality management system and is certified by the third-party.

Premium Raw Materials

We cooperate with more than 10 large raw material companies. Our raw materials come from the original factory, and we can provide a COC factory certificate. ISO10993 biocompatibility report is also available as customer request. In addition, we purchase color masterbatches that have passed medical certification from reliable suppliers for a long time.

Professional Cleanroom Manufacturing Brings Quality Product

Dust-free manufacturing can reduce the environmental impact on products and improve product quality. Therefore, to maintain our cleanroom condition, we separate the material feeding and injection. Also, we apply automated equipment such as robotic arms, reducing personnel contact. Apart from that, we conduct daily disinfection for the cleanroom, as well as test and record the cleanliness twice a day.

Professional ISO 8 Cleanroom

Smooth Production & Quailty Product

Completing Your Production With Reliable Injection Molding Machine

SeaskyMedical is equipped with imported precision processing equipment and high-precision injection molding machines, such as Japan FANUC and Germany BOY. To ensure product quality and punctual delivery, we upgrade our equipment every 3-5 years.

Rigorous In-house Product Control

The medical field has a very high demand for product accuracy. Our workshops are equipped with advanced measuring instruments, such as a caliper, 10x-20x magnifier, 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine and Coordinate Measuring Machine. Utilizing these modern instruments, our inspectors control our product accuracy, meeting your tolerance requirements.