Medical Device Injection Molding

Injection molding parts for medical equipment.

Professional Medical Device Injection Molding Companies

Seaskymedical, one of the professional medical device injection molding companies, can handle all the challenges for the production of a plastic medical device and its casings, bring you high production efficiency and high-volume repeatability.


All medical device components are manufactured by foreign advanced injection machines. You can get a number of services like overmolding and micro injection molding that can be used for manufacturing medical device components.

Our Custom Medical Device Injection
Molding Services

Medical device injection molding services by Seaskymedical are targeted to provide the best medical equipment parts to all our clients. The medical industry requires reliable clinic equipment suppliers, which is why custom services are essential for brand value.

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Plastic Medical Device Design

As one of the top medical device injection molding companies, we manufacture medical device components according to the medical standard designs. With the client’s request in mind, there are specialized solutions for medical devices parts molding.

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Mold Design for Plastic Medical Equipment

Medical surgical equipment produced by reliable medical device component manufacturers needs to be designed first as per the medical safety standards. Mold design needs to be very precise for an efficient streamlining process.

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Injection Mold Material Selection

After receiving the color request, we begin our material selection and chromatography process. The health equipment requires a perfect color match for everyday use which is chosen according to the plastic and the resin.

CNC Milling Machine

CNC machining

Automated machines are well equipped to handle small changes. CNC plastic machining allows for manufacturing precise mold tooling. Precision is important in manufacturing medical plastic components which demand tight tolerance.

Overmolding machine

Medical Molding Method in Clean Room

Our Class 8 Clean Room is ready to facilitate the mass production of medical equipment. The plastic medical device molding is carried out in a comparatively sterile environment with few air pollutants.

Medical Device Packaging

Secondary Operation

Apart from manufacturing medical devices parts, we also offer a range of secondary operations like medical device packaging, assembly , labelingand welding in medical application. One-stop-service could reduce your cost and time.

Injection Mold Solutions for Manufacturing Plastic Medical Device Component

For medical device plastic injection molding, Seaskymedical offers a variety of molding procedures. We can produce standard and safe-to-use health equipment parts as per the client specification through multiple processes.

Medical Overmolding

We use overmolding to manufacture medical plastic components for greater durability and insulation. Apart from electrical insulation, you will also get the ergonomic benefit with increased functionality and noise damping solutions.

Medical Insert Molding

Seaskymedical creates specialized molds for medical insert molding . The precision is correctly adjusted for high tolerance materials. Our molding facility can take up production of highly precise parts through insert molding.

Medical Micro Injection Mold

Micro injection molding will require the utmost care for the margin of error to ensure high tolerance. The production of standard hospital equipment requires standard sizes. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing machines are equipped for micro molding.

Medical Clean Room Injection Molding

With our ISO 13485:2016 certification, the clean rooms are a contamination-free environment. It takes away any chances of compromising the production process. A clean room ensures the production is in a controlled environment and of good quality.

Satisfy your Need for Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding

Our ISO 8 Clean Room is equipped for sterile medical device plastic injection molding. In the clean room, there is a controlled environment for manufacturing without any contamination.

Prevent Contamination

A clean room is designed so that any pollutants and contaminants do not interfere with the molding process. The quality control is greatly helped within a clean room during the manufacturing medical device component process.

Deliver High Tolerance

Seaskymedical chooses the material as per the client’s requirement to manufacture high tolerance medical equipment parts. A veterinary medical device can be customized for precision with high tolerance.

High Production Capability

Seaskymedical offers multiple facilities to streamline the process within the deadline. Advanced and zero-tolerance injection molding machines sourced from the best Japan and Germany manufacturers and have high production capability.

Diverse Medical Equipment Parts Designs

After selecting medical grade plastics, the team of experts helps you out with optimal medical device supplies design. We can assist with high tolerance manufacturing and consistency of medical equipment parts for the order.

High Quality Medical Device Components

Our medical device components undergo medical device validation to clarify the quality of the products. The clean room production and quality control by Seaskymedical provides you with the best performance healthcare device parts.

Micro Medical Disposables Manufacturing

While manufacturing micro medical disposables, medical equipment, and consumables, precision matters a lot. We can help you out when the standard equipment requires the measurement in microns.

Over 10+ Experience in Molding Healthcare Equipment and Parts

Seaskymedical has more than decades worth of experience as one of the best medical device injection molding companies in China. Challenge medical production problems around the world and achieve production with technology is our mission. We have high-tech production facilities and a team of experts to create the best healthcare equipment.

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Plastics for Manufacturing Plastic Medical
Device Components

While looking for hospital equipment for sale, you will get the benefit of material recommendations from Seaskymedical. You should know about the material’s flexibility, tolerance, and durability. We, one of the medical device component manufacturers, use several materials for manufacturing, as per client requirements. 

Medical Silicone Molding

Silicone is used to produce surgical consumable products because of its electrical resistance. Equipment manufactured by medical silicone molding will not lose its strength at room temperature and find multiple applications.

Medical Rubber Molding

When a client requires great precision, medical rubber molding is commonly used in producing medical device parts. Rubber is a popular construction material for micro injection molding because it holds up well at ambient temperature.

Polypropylene Mold

While manufacturing flexible consumable medical supplies and medical device component, a lot depends on the selection of the right material. A polypropylene mold is perfect for heat insulation and will give great performance at different temperatures.

Teflon Injection Molding

Teflon is often used in the injection molding of medical plastic components because of its temperature. The chemical resistance is less likely to be seen in other materials. It also offers high heat insulation.

TPU Injection Molding

For injection molding and medical contract manufacturing, TPU is a preferred material. Firstly, it does not require stabilizers for molding. And secondly, it is great for chromatography in standard medical equipment.

Why Seaskymedical as your Plastic Medical Device Injection Molding Factory

With various injection molding technology, Seaskymedical, as a medical device injection molding factory, exceeds expectations with its high production and quality control. The range of  medical devices parts and services offered make it versatile and reliable in the medical industry.

Value-added service

You can choose our value-added services to customize order. Services like labeling, medical device validation provided by prominent medical device component manufacturers are perfect for medical device molding.

ISO Certificate Clean room injection

Our clean room medical assembly and production is the right method for quality control and speedy production. The ISO 8 clean rooms prevent contamination during injection molding for medical equipment.

Process chromatography resins and columns

ISO 10993 biocompatibility and chromatography are also used to help determine the suitable material as per the tolerance and precision needed, if the molding is carried out by top medical device component manufacturers.

German & Japanese precise injection machines

We have imported German and Japanese injection molding machines to streamline the medical device plastic injection molding process. The clients receive their products within a stipulated time with the help of top-notch welding machines.

Medical Injection Molding Capabilities

Medical device injection molding capabilities matter a lot while choosing wholesale medical equipment and supplies. The precision required in medical equipment can reach microns in Seaskymedical.

Competitive price

Seaskymedical will provide you with the competitive prices for injection molding and custom services. Quality control and efficient production offered here will be worth it. This is one of the best benefits clients could get from a medical device injection molding factory.

Custom Medical Equipment Solution

High tolerance, shape, color, labeling, injection molding methods and other options could be customized for precise medical equipment parts in one-stop medical device injection molding suppliers. Chromatography process is also equipped to handle custom details.

Streamlined process

With our experienced medical device molding team, we are more than capable of streamlining the process to be right on time. Their manufacturing capabilities can handle the mass production of medical device supplies through high efficiency.

Short lead time

Our customer service is always ready to help you out from the first time you call us. The client will always be in the loop during the medical device product development and production process. 

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