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Seaskymedical specializes in 5-axis micro-milling and incorporates manufacturing methods such as metal injection molding, metal casting, EDM, and wire EDM in order to achieve the greatest level of precision machining.

We are well-known for the high quality, dependability, and meticulousness with which we perform our work. New 3D printing technologies have kept pace with advancements in medical injection molding equipment, making it possible to produce new products faster and with more accuracy. Seaskymedical’s experts will assist you in selecting the best 3D printing technique and solution for your specific needs.

Why 3D Prototype is Important for the Medical Device Applications?

Due to the fact that 3D printing can make nearly any design, it can be utilized to build unique prototypes. Before committing to a manufacturing plan, your team will be able to evaluate the design of your product. After a prototype is approved, the final product can be built using conventional techniques like as CNC machining, mold design, etc.

Our Capability of 3D Rapid Prototyping Applications in the Medical Industry

Seaskymedical has a remarkable capacity in the manufacturing of complex medical product prototypes and fabrication of medical devices, surgical instrument prototypes, and medical implant components. We have a large range of attributes that make our medical 3D printing service the best in the industry. Here are the things that we can do for our customers:

Class I ABS Handles for Surgical Instruments

In order to meet the demands of the highly exacting medical industry, Seaskymedical uses ABS thermoplastics to produce high quality reusable handpieces. We produce a wide spectrum of handpieces to meet different sizes, shapes, and purposes. Features such as high temperature resistance, good durability, and color retention also can be added to your handle specifications.

Class II

We will be glad to provide you with affordable Class II medical devices that are CE marked and ISO 13485 certified. Our engineers will be glad to assist you in the design and development of the right product for your industry. Our quality assurance and quality control measures have been tested and approved by various health agencies including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Class III

Seaskymedical can provide you with the best full-service solutions for any medical device that is Class III. Our engineers will assist you in the design and development of the best product for your business. If you need to meet the requirements of FDA, we can assist you in meeting the criteria. During the design process we will work with you to ensure that any product we create is safe, reliable, and accurate.

Prostheses and Implants

Seaskymedical is capable of producing high quality prostheses and medical implants. Any custom surgical procedure can be handled by our team of engineers. The quality of our 3D printed prototypes and finished products will exceed your expectations and our record of customer relationships is unsurpassed.

Rubber Prototyping

Seaskymedical has a wide range of capabilities when it comes to rubber prototyping. We provide you with high quality rubber products that are 100% reusable. We provide all the 3D printing and finishing services necessary to complete your rubber prototypes to the highest standards.

Medical Silicone Prototypes

Unlike rubber, the high quality silicone prototypes that Seaskymedical produces can be sterilized and reused many times. We produce a wide range of prototypes in different sizes, shapes, and colors to ensure that you get the right product. We will be glad to provide you with the best silicone prototypes and implants for your medical applications.

A few of common applications include:

Benefits of Using a Rapid 3D Printing Service

With 3D printing service, you will be able to get the most out of your prototyping project and improve your design while keeping your costs low. A prototype will allow you to test your design before it is mass produced. You will be able to test out the design, the features, and the overall quality of the product without having to make a substantial investment in designing and building a prototype. Seaskymedical is your best 3D printing service for medical prototype and manufacturing due to the following benefits:

Low Cost

As a 3D printing service provider, we can offer you the fastest prototyping process and a low cost. We can design and build a prototype for you to test out your design and get your feedback before investing in manufacturing. The faster you can test your design, the quicker you will be able to improve your product, which will reduce your overall costs.

Rapid Development

Seaskymedical has a unique combination of professional engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance teams that are gathered under one roof. We can develop your prototype and finished product faster than any of our competitors.

Material Selection

Seaskymedical is able to use several different materials in order to produce prototypes and finished products. We are able to manufacture prototypes with nearly any material that is used in the medical industry today. Our engineers will collaborate with you to select the right materials in order to produce a prototype that is any custom design that you have.

Complex Customization Facility

Seaskymedical can provide you with complex and custom prototypes. We have a full carbon fiber automated machine that is capable of producing parts with a thickness of 0.1 mm. The highly detailed parts can be finished by one of our expertly trained staff members in order to produce a final product that exceeds your expectations. This facility is part of our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in the medical injection molding company.

Less Waste

Our advanced equipment allows us to produce high quality prototypes with a reduced amount of wasted material. Our software also allows us to design a part that is the best possible solution without having to test out multiple designs and multiple materials. This reduces the amount of material that is wasted and makes the production process faster and easier.

Improving Patient Safety

Due to the fact that medical products are used in life or death situations, quality is of the utmost importance. Seaskymedical has one of the highest quality assurance standards in the industry. We use quality assurance and control measures to ensure that we always provide our customers with a safe, reliable, and malfunction-free product.

Increased Response Time for Design Samples

Since our engineers are highly skilled and have worked on thousands of projects, we can provide you with custom samples within a short time. In some cases, we can turn around a design within a matter of hours. This fast turnaround will allow you to get your product to market much faster than ever before. It will also provide you with a better sense of cost, which will help you develop the proper pricing.

Why Seaskymedical for 3D Prototype & Printing?

Seaskymedical is the best 3D printing service provider in the industry and the best choice for your prototype and manufacturing needs. Here are some of the things that make us so trustworthy:

Interactive Design Analysis

Our expert engineers are able to provide you with an interactive design analysis. Our team will help you in the design and development process through ongoing interaction. We can provide you with different design options and then work with you to determine which one will be the best base for your design.

Medical Validation

Our medical device prototyping process is compliant to the ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, and EN ISO 13485:2012 standards. All of the products that we produce are tested and approved by the relevant health agencies. Seaskymedical is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry in order to provide you with the best quality prototype and finished products.

Medical Grade Material

Our medical grade materials are produced to be safe and reliable in the most demanding medical situations. We produce high quality products that are 100% reusable and can be sterilized. This is in part due to the materials we use, which makes our products the best 3D printing service for your contract medical manufacturing devices.

ISO 13485 Quality Certification

Our engineering facility is ISO 13485 certified and is capable of producing high quality prototypes and products that are 100% reusable. We are able to test our products in order to fully understand the safety and reliability of the product. The higher quality of our materials and the faster development cycle is the reason why our medical device molding 3D printing service is the best in the field.

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