Clean Room Medical Device Packaging

10+ Years Specialization in Sterile Packaging
for Medical Devices

The most important element in the healthcare industry is medical devices. Medical device packaging companies need to guarantee they are clean, safe, and hygienic for use. This boils down to how well they are packaged after production and assembly. Medical devices packaging determines not only the shelf life of the medical devices but also their sterility maintenance and contamination-free state.


As a medical injection molding company with over 10 years experience, we assist in ensuring that medical devices are well packaged, able to travel a long distance, and stay secure during the shelf life without their qualities being compromised.


We carry out medical device packaging in our Class 7 & 8 Clean room that’s void of any contamination and pollutant, thereby ensuring that medical devices remain safe and hygienic. In addition to our sterile packaging function, we help in the proper identification of medical devices by means of making custom label artwork designs, printing, and other added value services.


Our Medical Equipment Packaging Service:

sterile packaging for medical devices

Sterile Medical Device Contract Packaging Options from Seaskymedical

At Seaskymedical, we offer sterile injection molding, medical equipment assembly, and packaging. We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so we listen to you, and bring your wishes to reality. These are our packaging options that you can benefit from.

Custom Medical Device Packaging
Solutions from Us

Seaskymedical is composed of experts and experienced hands that provide custom medical device packaging solutions. You’ll benefit from our pool of knowledge, expertise, and experience that covers a range of areas. These areas are described below.

Packaging concept design

Packaging concept design

You will get "packaging concept designs" that will portray what your final packaging will look like. Our specialization is in molded, thermoformed plastic, and cardboard packaging.

2D drawing

2D drawings

You'll get 2D drawings that will show how the packaging will be when viewed from various standard positions, such as top, bottom, and sides.

Packaging optimization

Packaging optimization

You can trust us to improve your packages. We help with the enlargement and reduction of packaging sizes, as well the improvement of their functionality.

Packaging material selection

Packaging material selection

A very important factor that defines the functionality of your packaging is the material used. We help in selecting the right materials that will ensure the safety and sterility of your packaging.

Concept assessment

Concept assessment

Start from the assessment of the right design concept for your packaging, choose the right inputs, apply up-to-date technologies (CNC plastic machining, plastic welding technology), and evaluation of a reduced cost.

Packaging prototype

Functional packaging prototype manufacturing

We make custom functional packaging prototypes, such as 3D printed prototypes, plotter cardboard boxes, and so many others for you to check before starting the proper manufacturing process.

Packaging development and review

Packaging design development and design review

At Seaskymedical, we have experts who develop custom packaging designs and review them afterward to ensure that they are not below perfection.

Process validation

Process validation

We have and incorporate a validation process that ensures that your packaging needs are met and the necessary regulations are obeyed, such as sterility of medical devices, and selecting of the right packaging material.

Why Seaskymedical as Your Medical Device Packaging Companies

Seaskymedical recognized that the contract packaging of medical devices is as important as the medical devices. So, we ensure that we make the best packaging that will suit your products, you, and comply with organizational standards, because we are one of the professional medical device packaging companies.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Seaskymedical as your medical packaging company.

ISO 13485:2016

We have a quality management system in place that places a premium on meeting customers and regulatory standards. This ensures that your medical device contract packaging is made with quality materials, which translates to better sterility, functionality, and safety.

Class 7 & 8 Clean Room Medical Device Packaging

We have a 3,600 square meters clean room where we carry out sterile packaging for medical devices. This ensures that your medical devices remain clean and void of contaminants or pollutants.

Expertise in Sterile Barrier Packaging
(ISO 11607)

Amongst our several qualifications that you’ll benefit from is “sterile barrier packaging.” Your medical devices will be properly packaged to resist sterilizing operations and remain safe until they are used.

Packaging Class I, II, III Medical Devices

Reliable medical device packaging companies have the capability of packaging Class I, II, and III medical devices notwithstanding the risks involved. You’ll enjoy the expertise of professionals who are proficient in this.

One Stop Integrated Service

You will be provided with several injection molding, injection overmolding, and packaging services, starting from the development of design concepts, selecting of inputs, technologies, reviews, validation of the processes, and so many more.

Cost Effective and Quality Medical Kit Packaging

There is every assurance that you’ll be getting the best medical packaging designs. Also, your packages will be made of quality materials, ensuring the safety of your medical devices.

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