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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing is a procedure in which a medical technology business which has single proprietorship outsources manufacturing to another medical device manufacturing firm. Healthcare contract manufacturing is created in accordance with the OEM’s standards and in accordance with ISO:13485 and FDA criteria.


As a prominent medical device contract manufacturer, Seasky Medical has years of expertise in contract manufacturing medical equipment. Our process efficiency and high quality production help us stand out among other medical device contract manufacturing companies.We ensure to keep our customers updated with the process and take their opinions into consideration.

Complete Medical Contract Manufacturing Services in Seaskymedical

As one of the leading manufacturers of medical contract devices for assemblies and medical equipment, we offer flexible and reliable medical devices to carry out operations smoothly. Several different services are offered to have all the needs of the industry catered to.

Design & Prototype plastic medical devices

Our team has years of experience designing medical devices and then creating prototypes before manufacturing the final output.

Mould tooling design

We are experts in plastic contract manufacturing and use years of knowledge to design and validate the production of different equipment with greater ease.

Material selection

Our team delivers the highest quality components and equipment. This is only possible by picking great quality plastics used in medical devices.

CNC machining

In the process of CNC machining, a wide variety of complex machinery is used to shape, cut and create the different prototypes.

Injection mold making

The injection mould-making process involves shaping the raw materials using a fixed frame. Our team ensures that the component of medical equipment comes out perfectly.

Injection Mould

Using various sterile injection moldingincluding insert injection molding and micro mold plastics, We produce the required parts for clients by injecting quality molten materials.

Sonic Welding

Our team is experienced in ultrasonic welding plastic parts to hold two or more components together. The entire equipment is manufactured using this method to ensure the quality and integrity.

Assembly & Packaging

After a component of the medical equipment is ready, Assembly and clean room packaging services are offered as per the specific needs of our clients.

Pad printing & decorating

Based on the specific needs of some of our clients, we offer pad printing and decorating services to ensure the best results.


We are a large-scale producer of medical device contract components and hence, all our products are validated to ensure quality. .


As a leading medical contract manufacturer, we ensure timely distribution of products to our clients with the help of our multiple distribution channels.

Plastic IVD Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Quality

Professional medical device manufacturing consultants like us are able to provide one-stop services for IVD contract manufacturing, which includes V&V testing medical device. We manufacture a huge variety of OEM medical devices to cater to diverse needs. 


With years of experience in plastic in-vitro diagnostics IVD contract manufacturing and applying OEM solutions, we ensure to deliver scalable, efficient, and reliable quality IVD products at all scales.

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Your Reliable Medical Device Contract Manufacturer in China

Medical gadgets are widely used in China and around the world, from the most complex surgical suites and institutions to the neighbourhood pharmacy. As a result, to meet the needs of all sorts of medical facilities, we manufacture dependable medical gadgets to meet specific requirements. 


We have the required experience and knowledge to comply with the regulations to serve the needs of the intensely regulated industry.

Surgical equipment

As one manufacturer of surgical equipment, our team supplies them at the required place, at the correct time. Our services aim to meet the specific needs of every area of a hospital or diagnostic centre.

Medical Disposables

SeaskyMedical has years of experience supplying all medical disposables used by healthcare facilities, laboratories, hospitals, etc. Contract manufacturing services are employed to ensure the best rates.


We are a leading manufacturer of medical assemblies to help the medical industry operate as required. SeaskyMedical manufactures quality diagnostic devices that are innovative and designed to suit different needs.

Medical Lab Equipment

We are into complete contract manufacturing components of the equipment used at the medical lab. Best quality materials are used to produce equipment and its components.


The expert team at Seaskymedical manufactures prosthetics that are engineered to stand out from the rest in the market. Our product exceeds global standards and offers the best results to medical facilities.

What is Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a type of outsourcing in which a business creates whole items or individual components of a larger product. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of medical devices are businesses that specialise in a certain area of expertise, such as moulding, assembly, or research and development design. 


Medical device contract manufacturing is a process through which a manufacturer produces medical equipment or components of medical devices that will be later combined to form the main product.

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Why Seaskymedical
for OEM Medical Contract Manufacturing

We are a trusted and reliable company that has been carrying out medical device assembly and medical device packaging for over ten years. Using medical device assembly machines guarantees our professionalism and experience, and the benefits you stand to gain. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Seaskymedical for your medical devices assembly.

Experienced in OEM

 We are a leading Original or OEM medical device manufacturer that supplies the consumers with all precision components. One can easily rely on us for the manufacture of the medical plastic parts of the medical contract since we offer the best quality.

Professional knowledge

With years of experience operating in the contract manufacturing medical device industry. Contract medical manufacturing, we are well-versed with the required knowledge. We will get back with a custom and the most effective solution for your needs.

One-stop-shop for medical device manufacturing

We have a proven record of delivering exceptional products no matter what kind of device or what component of the device you are looking to get manufactured. We are leading companies of custom medical contract components.

Automatic injection and packaging machines:

We provide medical plastic injection moulding service in such a way that it helps our customers reap maximum benefits. Our team is into production, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

More efficient turnaround

We work in streamlined processes to ensure that our turnaround time is shorter than expected. We are well-equipped with the required resources to meet the production orders no matter what size they are. 

Various second operation services

Our manufacturing capabilities help simplify the manufacturing process without straining the budget. Value-added services including medical device assembly, packaging, welding, printing are provided here.

Cost efficiency

Our team has years of experience handling varied needs related to designing and OEM medical equipment. We have offered cost-efficient clean room contract manufacturing solutions for years now.

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