Custom Plastic Molding Service

SeaskyMedical is one of the leading custom plastic injection molding companies based in China. As a decent medical device molding company, we offer one-stop plastic molding services and manufacture a wide variety of custom mold products. Our designers are highly skilled, and we have an ISO 8 clean room for reliable and clean manufacturing of customized plastic molding parts.

Custom Plastic Molding Service in Seasky

SeaskyMedical is one of the leading custom plastic injection molding companies based in China. As a decent medical device molding company, we offer one-stop plastic molding services and manufacture a wide variety of custom mold products. Our designers are highly skilled, and we have an ISO 8 clean room for reliable and clean manufacturing of customized plastic molding parts. 


Our production facility is equipped with high-end custom injection mold machines with automatic functions for simple and quick manufacturing. We specialize in providing the best quality customized plastic injection mold solutions to small, medium, and large companies in various industries. Our products are manufactured at a massive production factory, and we offer transparent pricing.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding procedure utilizes plastic materials to make a custom mold after the raw substance is heated, melted, and cooled down. The customized plastic mold is used to manufacture bulk quantities of plastic parts. 

Clean Room Injection Molding

With Class 8 clean room, Seasky can customize plastic injection molding for many industries with high molding environments. Plastic aerospace components and medical device components can be customized here.

Insert Molding

Insert molding integrates top-notch machines to construct creative, intricate parts via the procedure of molding or shaping plastic components around other inserts. Insert molding is ideal for manufacturing high-precision customized plastic molding parts for various industries. 


The overmolding procedure integrates two or more plastic materials in one final item. In this procedure, the base material is molded initially, and the extra plastic materials are molded around the first material to produce custom plastic injection molders


Two Shot Molding 

Two-shot molding is also known as double-shot, dual-shot, and 2k injection molding. In this custom injection molding procedure, two distinct plastic materials are combined in one machining cycle. 

Benefits Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Custom plastic molding is relatively beneficial, which is why companies rely on Seaskymedical injection molding processes for manufacturing bulk quantities of custom plastic injection molds

Plastic Parts Strength & Stability

The customized injection molding process ensures that the final items are robust, resist temperature, withstand harsh conditions, and show impact resistance as only premium quality medical grade materials are used. 

High Efficiency & Enhanced Performance 

The custom injection mold technology is highly efficient, and our skilled designers only use advanced tools and reduce unnecessary expenses. We have the latest custom plastic injection molder machines that meet high-performance criteria. 

Complex Design Capabilities 

Custom plastic injection molding machines have the capability to develop complex plastic parts without even missing minute details. With this technology, it is easy to make custom plastic injection mold parts in several shapes, designs and sizes with customized structure details. 

Detailed Features 

It is possible to add intricate details to the custom plastic injection moldings and also improve the overall functionality and aesthetics to highlight your brand. The final products can have customized brand text, various surfaces, multiple color options, etc. 

Material Variety 

For manufacturing custom plastic injection molds, there are various medical-grade material choices like Silicone, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polypropylene, PEEK, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Polyethylene, Nylon, etc. 

Environmentally Friendliness 

Customized plastic molding parts are likely to remain in good working condition for a long time because of their quality and resilience. In addition, there will be little to no wastage custom injection molding process. 

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process

SeaskyMedical is a high-class Chinese plastic molding company that offers a one-stop injection mold service. In the custom injection molding process cycle, there are four different stages, which are clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. Firstly, a plastic substance is heated till it turns into a viscous melt, which is then pushed into the closed mold design machine. When the plastic substance in the mold is cooled down, it turns into a solid-shaped product that is taken out from the opened mold machine. 

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New Product Design And Engineering

We have expert designers who cooperate with clients to offer new plastic mold designs. With skilled engineering skills, we ensure that no design defects arise during the custom plastic molding. 

Injection Molding Machine

Custom Mold Tooling 

To produce high-quality and robust custom plastic injection molder products, we offer a custom mold tooling service. Our experts design and use the latest technology and highly advanced machines for simple production. 

Plastic Injection Molding Product

Plastic Injection Molding Products 

The advanced machines are used to manufacture the custom plastic injection moldings that are required to meet the client's requirements. We only use premium raw materials for producing mold products in the ISO-certified cleanroom factory. 

plastic automotive molded component

Surface Finish Options 

We offer various surface finish options for custom plastic injection molder parts. Some of the common finishing choices are PM-F0, PM-F1, PM-F2, SPI-C1, PM-T1, PM-T2, SPI-B1, SPI-A2, etc. In addition, we also offer Industry standard Mold-Tech finish choices. 

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Part Labeling And Assembly 

The in-mold labeling machines are utilized to develop an eye-catching look with illustrations or labels on customized injection molding products. In addition, we have massive labeling and assembly lines and ensure quick packaging. 

Selecting Materials For
Custom Plastic Molding

At SeaskyMedical, we offer various material selection options to ensure that the manufactured custom plastic injection molders meet the client’s specific requirements. We use only medical-grade premium raw materials. As there are plenty of material choices, we consider some vital factors in choosing the best material that is ideal for the application. 


Based on how the final injection molding custom product will be used, the environment it will be used, and the needed abrasion resistance, the hardness of the raw material should be considered. The hardness of plastics is gauged and depicted by number values on various scales like shore 00, shore D, or shore A. 

Flexibility & Impact Resistance ​

The stiffness or flexibility factor depicts the resistance strength of the substance against stress. It is also vital to inspect the impact resistance to check if the custom plastic injection mold material will handle harsh conditions and varying temperatures. 

Part Weight ​

When it comes to plastic materials, their density or mass differs greatly, which is why the part weight can also differ significantly for the specified part volume in cubic cm. If the wrong substance is selected, excess prices will arise during the whole customized plastic injection molding life cycle. 

Material Cost ​

To create a customized plastic mold, various types of materials are accessible in the market in different price ranges. Considering the material cost is vital to choose the right material as per the application. 

Why Choose Customized Plastic Molding?

SeaskyMedical is one of the best custom plastic injection molding companies that specializes in the production of customized plastic injection molding components that are used in various industrial applications. 

ISO Certified Plastic Injection Molding factory

SeaskyMedical is an ISO-certified custom plastic injection molding company with an ISO 13485:2016 factory and ISO 8 clean room molding for safe and dust-free manufacturing. 

10+ year Industry Experience 

We have 10+ years of industrial experience coming to the designing and manufacturing of custom plastic injection molding parts, and we supply them to several domestic and international regions. 

Use Medical Grade Plastic

We only utilize medical-grade premium raw substancessuch as ABS, Polyethylene, PEEK, HIPS, Silicone, Polycarbonate, and many more for producing custom plastic injection molds

Precise Injection Molding Machines

At SeaskyMedical, we have high-end custom plastic injection molders equipped with advanced mold technology to ensure the safe and quick production of customized plastic mold parts.

High Custom Injection Molding Technology

To ensure reliable manufacturing of customized injection molding components, our designers use high-technology machines and measuring instrument solutions that meet the custom client’s needs. 


Custom Plastic Molding:

Your Questions Answered

What is custom plastic molding manufacturing?

Custom plastic injection molding manufacturing is the production of customized products that meet the specific requirements of a certain application. Using custom analytical devices, scientific methods, and uniform molding procedures, it is easy to produce large amounts of injection molding custom parts.

How do you know which injection molding is right for your custom plastic product?​

Based on the total number of customized plastic injection molding products, production time, budget limit, and mold complexity, it will be easy to determine the ideal injection molding process.

How long does it take to custom a new mold?

We are a leading medical plastic injection molding producer, and our deasigners can develop a custom plastic injection mold anywhere between 2 to 26 weeks based on the design’s intricate details, mold size, and the total components in the mold. 

Do I need to pay the custom mold?​

No. We do not charge any fees for custom mold designing, and we send the custom plastic molding sample pieces without any cost. 

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