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Sampling Tube Injection Molding
Manufacturer in China

Produced by custom disposable sampling tube manufacturer, sampling tubes are used in a variety of applications to collect and analyze samples, such as blood or urine for drug testing. Molded sampling tubes are designed to hold the sample in place while allowing the sample to be collected into a collection device. Also, it is important to consider a wholesale sampling tube if you consider cost-effectiveness.

Manufactured by medical plastic injection, custom sampling tubes from Seaskymedical are designed to be used for sample collecting, transportation, and storage, including in laboratories and hospitals, but they’re also found in home health care settings

and even on the battlefield.

Custom Sampling Tube in Seaksymedical

Seaskymedical disposable sampling tube may be used to collect and transport influenza virus, avian influenza virus, coronavirus, hand, foot and mouth disease, rheumatoid measles, and other virus samples. 


Manufactured by ISO certified disposable sampling tube factory, a molded blood collection tube may also be used to collect and transport specimens like chlamydia, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma. Specimens are often obtained in the mouth, throat, nasal cavity, and anus.


Molded vacutainer tubes are also used for autopsy tissue specimens and samples were gathered.


OEM Sampling Tube in Top Vacutainer Tubes Factory

OEM vacutainer tubes in the top vacutainer tubes factory are manufactured according to customers’ requirements and strict specifications. We can offer custom vacutainer tubes that are made from high-quality raw materials and meet the demands for your application..

High transparent color

The transparent color is the most important factor of molded vacutainer tubes, which should be clear and bright. The contract medical manufacturing has high requirements for the transparency of vacutainer tube materials. This can be achieved by using special plastic materials.

All sizes can be provided

All sizes of sampling tube can be molded in our vacutainer tubes factory. The manufacturing of sampling tube is in the injection molding in a clean room.. Eco-Friendly, clean and free from burrs.

With cap or not

Molded vacutainer Tubes with cap or not cap are available in Seaskymedical. Not matter Vacutainer Tubes has cap or not, both of them are important for medical disposables manufacturers.

PET、PP or PS material

Blood collection tubes have high-quality additives that separate blood cells and blood plasma. Sampling tube is molded of PET, PP or PS medical grade material. It is resistant to chemicals and not easy to break, free from contamination.


The packaging of the custom sampling tube is designed to meet the requirements of the target customers. There are Racked tips、Refill tips system、hinged and lift-off racks. The combination of these racks can meet different customers' needs.

Custom Vacutainer Tubes by Full Processes

Custom vacutainer Tubes are made from high-quality plastic and are compatible with all standard vacutainer lancets. Vacutainer tubes manufacturer could provide one-stop manufacturing solutions for your sampling tube needs.

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Parts & Mold Design

A Vacutainer tube is a piece of laboratory equipment or lab consumables used in the transfer of fluid samples. Moding tooling design and making is a must procedure for vacutainer tube manufacturing.

vacutainer tube


Without 3D printing & prototype, it would be difficult to know if the vacutainer tube will work properly or not. With the right prototyping software, a molded vacutainer tube can be created with ease and efficiency.

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Plastic Injection Molding

When need high-quality custom vacutainer tubes, plastic injection molding can help provide your lab with a cost-effective option. Our manufacturing process allows us to create sturdy and reliable vacutainer tubes.

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V & V Medical Device

Medical validation and verification are needed in manufacturing vacutainer tubes to ensure that the tubes are precisely molded and reduce the risk of mistakes. Tolerances and testability might influence the final design and manufacturability.

Benefit of OEM Disposable Sampling Tube from Top Blood Collection Tube Factory

blodd collection tube

Disposable sampling tubes are used to collect samples or blood from patients. The sampling tube is disposable, easy to use, and clean. The custom disposable sampling tube is made of good-quality medical plastic material. That’s why you need to mold blood collection tubes from a reliable sampling tube factory. 


The disposable sampling tube has many advantages:


1) Easy to use, just hold it and squeeze the tube to fill it with blood or other sample;


2) The tube can be used several times, easy to clean and sterilize;


3) Good quality plastic material, no smell or other problems during use;


4) High strength, durable and soft in texture;


5) The length of each sample is about 5cm, so that you can collect a small amount of liquid at once;


6) The diameter of each sample is about 1mm, so that you can collect more accurate information about your health;


7) Colorful design makes it more attractive for customers.

Why Custom Disposable Blood Collection Tube Manufacturer Choose Seaskymedical

Seaskymedical is a professional molding disposable blood collection tube manufacturer. 

Seaskymedical manufactures the best quality blood collection tubes to the medical institutions by using multiple molding methods. Also,  Seaskymedical moldes high-quality blood collection tubes at competitive prices and contact our customers within 24 hours after we receive your quote.

Molded in Class 7 Clean Room Injection

Seaskymedical specializes in clean room injection molding for medical equipment and consumables such as custom mold and design. Our class 7&8 cleanroom can decrease pollutants and dust particles, improving the quality and dependability of medical items. This is crucial for custom blood collection tube manufacturers with stringent health and safety standards.

High accuracy and fine detail

Blood collection tubes are used for blood collection in hospitals and laboratories. Mold tooling design and making for disposable sampling tubes are produced by our medical injection molding company, which guarantees the precision and accuracy of the sampling tube.

Flexible customization

Seaskymedical, the disposable sampling tube factory, offers a complete range of disposable blood collection tubes from small sample tubes to large multi-lumen tubes. The disposable blood collection tube is made of the highest quality material in our factory with a wide range of gauges and shapes available

ISO 13485、CE Quality certified

With our expert medical plastics, our modern medical injection molding facility can meet your exact needs. As a blood collection tube supplier and factory, all disposable sampling tubes are produced in our ISO 13485:2016 Certified workshop, which ensures rigorous quality control in the production of medical plastics.

Competitive Price and Bulk Stock

At Seasskymedical, we are committed to making the best sampling tube for our customers. Our blood collection tubes are made from the highest quality material. We also provide the competitive prices because we are a disposable sampling tube manufacturer, you could save other unnecessary charges.

Rigorous Medical Verification

Disposable blood collection tubes are used for blood collection from patients. These tubes are made of high-quality materials and have been thoroughly tested to ensure that the blood is handled safely. The disposable blood collection tube manufacturer has strict verification & validation in place throughout the whole manufacturing.

Why Apply Injection Molding to Your Blood Collection Tube Manufacturing

Now all medical equipment manufacturing companies are faced with new challenges.There are more and more demand for high quality medical equipment and consumables at lower prices.

Plastic Injection molding is a cost effective and efficient manufacturing process that allows the production of high-quality, customized parts. Using injection molding technology, you can mold medical grade disposable sampling tub with ease and speed.

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