Medical Supply Distributors List in the USA

When you own a healthcare facility, the last thing you will want is to run out of products. If this happens, patients will abandon you for other healthcare facilities that have what they need. You must have what the patient needs

Medical device
Medical device

whether it’s lab consumables, surgical instruments, medical equipment, drugs, high-quality medical products like gowns, masks, etc.

This is why it’s imperative that you know the best and largest medical supply distributors you can rely on to always make medical products available in your healthcare facility.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about looking for the medical supply distributors you can count on as we’ve done that for you. In this post, we’ve collated a list of the best medical supply distributors you can rely on for quality and fast delivery.

List of the Top 5 Medical Supply Distributors

Here we have the top 5 medical supply distributors in the USA. This list was collated after thorough research and internal consultations. You can rely on these distributors to keep your medical supply inventory stocked.

  1. McKesson Corporation
  2. AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  3. Henry Schein, Inc
  4. Cardinal Health
  5. Medline Industries

1. Mckesson Corporation

Mckesson logo
Source: Mckesson

Business Type: Medical supplies distributor

Location (Headquarter): Irvin, Texas

Year Founded: 1833

Specialty: Medical Supplies, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Specialty Drug Distribution, Health mart Independent Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Services & Technology.

Mckesson Corporation is among North America’s largest wholesale medical equipment distributors. The company provides a wide range of equipment to assist healthcare facilities and professionals.

Mckesson’s portfolio contains brands from major healthcare product manufacturers. The company distributes these manufacturers’ products to the needed sectors immediately they are requested. Mckesson is very large and has distribution centers all around the country. This makes them do early delivery for products that are due for the next day to over 95% of the US i.e., you would have had your medical supplies in your store even before the day of the delivery.

Mckesson put its customers first. They have a follow-through system that ensures that you have your products in your custody almost immediately after you place an order.

Products and Services

  • Supplies for post-acute care
  • Surgical supplies
  • Medical practice supplies like syringes, masks, and gloves
  • Supply chain and inventory management technology

2. AmerisourceBergen Corporation

Amerisourcebergen logo
Source: Amerisourcebergen

Business Type: Medical supplies distributor

Location (Headquarter): Pennsylvania, USA

Year Founded: 2001

Specialty: Oncology

AmerisourceBergen Corporation, commonly called ABC, provides a range of medical supplies to health systems, pharmacies, and physicians. The company serves as a sole distributor to sole distributor of medical products that frontline workers need to save lives.

Although AmerisourceBergen provides a wide range of healthcare products, they focus more on their Oncology Supply Program, and they currently hold the number one spot for contract performance in the field.

An interesting element about AmerisourceBergen is that other than being a reputable medical supply distributor, they perform a moral obligation of ensuring that all lives (including humans and animals) have access to quality healthcare.

Products and Services

  • Immunotherapy care products
  • Chemotherapy care products
  • Supportive care products
  • Quality care and patient experience

3. Henry Schein, Inc

Henry Schein logo
Source: Henry Schein

Business Type: Medical supplies distributor

Location (Headquarter): New York

Year Founded: 1932

Specialty: Medical supplies, services, point-of-care diagnostics, and equipment to physician offices

Henry Schein supplies a wide range of medical supplies to healthcare clients. Among these supplies are dialysis facilities, occupational health centers, and emergency facilities. They are focused on supplying individuals with medical devices that guarantees their well-being.

The company is committed to offering excellent customer service through expert guidance, strategic resources, and integrated solutions that guarantee the highest quality patient care while also improving efficiency and productivity.

Products and Services

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Imaging equipment
  • Lab supplies
  • Medical-surgical supplies

4. Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health logo
Source: Cardinal Health

Business Type: Medical supplies manufacturer and distributor

Location (Headquarters): Ohio, United States

Year Founded: 1971

Specialty: Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Cardinal Health, one of the large medical consumables suppliers in the US, works with over 10,000 specialty physician offices and clinics, to provide a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products.

The company provides industry experience as well as a growing array of safe, effective products that are devoted to improving healthcare quality, cut expenses, and simplify life.

Products and Services

  • Anesthesia supplies and products
  • OEM medical specialty products
  • Enteral feeding tubes and devices
  • Durable medical equipment

5. Medline Industries

Medline Industries logo
Source: Medline

Business Type: Medical supplies manufacturer and distributor

Location (Headquarters): Northfield, Illinois

Year Founded: 1966

Specialty: Acute care, surgery centers, assisted living centers, and physician offices

Medline Industries, in addition to medical supplies distribution, also provide logistics, supply chain, and business solutions for healthcare centers. Medline acts as back-end support to help you operate your office or clinic more effectively.

The company assists healthcare organizations and facilities along the continuum in activating the clinical and supply chain resources they require to provide the best possible care.

Products and Services

  • Anesthesia
  • Diagnostics
  • lab supplies
  • Nursing supplies
  • Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Urology & Ostomy
  • Vascular access

Benefits of Sourcing Medical Supply from China: Seaskymedical

Seaskymedical logo

Medical products are very fragile and should be manufactured with utmost care while adhering to all the guidelines laid down by professional safety organizations.

Seasky Medical, a leading medical molding company in China is a good source for your quality, durable, efficient, and reliable medical devices. Some of the benefits of their products are:

  • Medical plastic manufacturer: Seasky Medical produces medical plastic devices that can be used in all sectors of the medical industry.
  • Medical device clean room: They use Class 7 & 8 clean rooms that are certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO) in their production, which is a must when it comes to medical product manufacturing. They make medical devices that are safe for use inside and outside the body.
  • Micro molding: Seaskymedical produces all sorts of medical devices and products by introducing the most advanced German and Japanese injection machines. This helps Seaskymedical to manufacture microplastic products.

The major thing that sets Seaskymedical apart from other brands is that it puts its customers and quality first. From mold design to medical supply manufacturing, it could provide the best service.


We hope that with this list, you will find a reliable medical supply distributor that will assist you in keeping your warehouse filled with medical products.

To get the most reliable medical devices outside the US, contact seaskymedical for all your needs because they have a swift delivery system.

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