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As a medical plastic injection molding company, we are able to produce all kinds of plastic surgical disposables. We don’t have surgical consumables in stock, carrying out injection molding of plastic surgical products after accepting your order.

Professional Surgical Disposable Products Manufacturer

In medical establishments, surgical consumables are the most commonly used supplies for single use. Since the use of plastic in healthcare industry is continuously increasing, many industries are engaging in surgical disposable items production. Based in China, SeaskyMedical is the most reputable manufacturer of high-quality and affordable surgical disposable products.


From syringes to suction catheters, drug test disposables, TMP “Y” Connectors, plastic mouth piece, Supplemental Lines, 3 Way Stop Cock, SeaskyMedical manufactures the best surgical consumables for infection control.

Our Custom Surgical Consumables Services

It includes medical equipment assembly, surgical instruments, and implants vital in the modern healthcare system.

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Surgical Consumables Design

SeaskyMedical specializes in the production of disposable surgical supplies for the medical industry. It is one ​of the recognized industry surgical consumables manufacturers for its dedication to the quality of all its surgical consumable items, using a wealth of expertise.

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Mold Design for Surgical Disposable Items

Surgical disposable items require high precise tolerance, top surgical disposable manufacturers are able to provide free mold tool design and injection mold making for high performance, low cost, and convenience to the healthcare industry.

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Injection Molding Material Selection

Chromatography resins and columns is a widely used and trusted method for sample separation in the healthcare industry. That is why we offer a selection of resins for separation via affinity, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, ion exchange, hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite.

CNC Milling Machine

CNC Plastic Machining

With the help of ​automated, high-speed cutting tools, experienced surgical disposable manufacturers use CNC Plastic Machining to produce surgical items. It enables to produce bulks of disposable surgical supplies in short time.

Overmolding machine

Medical Molding Method in Clean Room

We produce surgical disposable product in a clean room to reduce the risk of contamination. Clean room injection molding is suitable for the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries that frequently create parts in a cleanroom environment.

Medical Device Packaging

Secondary Operation

For creating quality surgical disposables for the medical industry, we use secondary operation services that include assembly, shielding, engraving, printing, sterile packaging, and shipping the item directly to clients..

Injection Molding Solutions for Manufacturing Surgical and Medical Supplies

Medical Overmolding

We use medical plastic overmolding solutions for producing surgical and medical supplies that feature a rubber handle. This multi-step injection molding process employs two or more components over top of one another to create a sturdy and durable piece.

Medical Insert Molding

In this method, the thermoplastic material is molded around an insert piece placed in the plastic injection molding cavity to produce a strongly bonded surgical disposable product. It is one of the best insert molding solutions to embed a component into a plastic product.

Medical Micro Injection Mold

Since medical industry’s demands are challenging the manufacturers to stretch their technical competencies, we are also employing micro plastic injection molding techniques in producing surgical disposables. It is helping us advance minimally invasive designs and reduce device sizes.

Medical Clean Room Injection Molding

When operating room consumables is produced for the healthcare industry, it must be as clean as possible. Keeping this concern in mind, we use cleanroom molding for manufacturing medical items as there, the number of airborne contaminants is kept in control to reduce contamination.

Satisfy Your Need For Operating Room Consumables

Prevent Contamination

Single-use surgical disposable items manufactured by SeaskyMedical are individually wrapped and used for one patient during a single procedure. It ensures the safety of patients by limiting their exposure to contaminated devices while offering greater cost-effectiveness.

Deliver High Tolerance

Besides creating bodily implants, the CNC machining at SeaskyMedicals can create surgical and medical supplies. These machines are suitable to deliver high tolerance through cutting, including milling, turning, drilling and grinding.

Micro Medical Disposables Manufacturing

Our single-use microsurgical medical disposables are widely used in the medical industry to save time and reduce healthcare-associated costs. Micro surgical disposable product could also be manufactured by Seaskymdecial.

Diverse Surgical Consumable Designs

The medical consumables produced by SeaskyMedicals are available in many designs for the surgical environment. Since they are usually disposable, they are not used on or by more than one person. 

High-Quality Surgical Disposable Items

Medical and surgical items are suitable for treating or diagnosing a patient’s illness, injury, or condition. That’s why we aim to manufacture high-quality medical consumables for the hospital or surgical environment.

High Production Capability

We allow high production capacity of the medical and surgical consumables at SeaskyMedicals. It includes all aspects of the fabrication of a device, from designing a manufacturing process to scaling-up to ongoing process improvements.

Over 10+ Experience in Manufacturing Operating Room Consumables

SeaskyMedical prides itself in manufacturing low-risk injection molding solutions for the medical sector. For over ten years, we have engaged in precision mold making and injection molding. It has helped us produce quality operating room consumables for the diversifying needs of the medical industry. 


As ​one of the reliable surgical disposables suppliers, Seaskymedical provides one-stop service for our clients, helping them to reduce cost and time, and get their trust.

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Plastics for Manufacturing Surgical
Disposable Items

Medical Silicone Molding

Meical silicone molding plastic is perfect for manufacturing surgical disposables. It is because their remarkably low glass-transition temperatures and thermal stability enable them to withstand ranging conditions from cold storage to steam sterilizing.

Medical Rubber Molding

Our surgical disposables produced using rubber molding plastic undergo the process of transforming uncured rubber or an elastomer into a usable product by compressing, injecting, or transferring raw rubber material into a metal mold cavity.

Polypropylene Mold

Our surgical disposable items produced using polypropylene mold plastic are suitable where steam-sterilized software validation for medical devices are necessary. This medical-grade plastic offers resistance to steam sterilization, mechanical performance properties, and durability for several cycles to reuse it.

Teflon Injection Molding

Teflon is a surgical implant material used for many prostheses, including artificial vessels and orbital floor implants. Since its coating is ideal for treating medical tools and machinery, it is perfect for safely delivering medical services to patients.

TPU Injection Molding

We use medical-grade TPUs as they are some of the most versatile plastic materials used today in the healthcare industry. It is commonly used as a soft engineering plastic for producing surgical consumable items, caster wheels, and other medical devices parts.

Why Should SeaskyMedical Be Your Surgical Consumables Manufacturer?

Medical devices are the fundamental component of the healthcare system. If they are of good quality, they help prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate illness and diseases safely and effectively. If you are looking for a trustable surgical consumables manufacturers, you can always turn to SeaskyMedical, because we offer:

Value-added service

The value-added services at prominent surgical disposables suppliers provide you with an array of choices. It includes medical device assembly and packaging in clean room, pad printing, medical welding and other options.

ISO Certificate Clean Room Injection

The surgical consumables at SeaskyMedical are produced using efficient and cost-effective methods. We use high precision, accuracy, and quality in an ISO 8 cleanroom. Further, we have also gone through the rigorous ISO certification process.

Process Chromatography Resins and Columns

Medical materials used in manufacturing surgical disposable are chosen from chromatography resins and columns. Biocompatibility, strength and resistance of materials are consider from reliable surgical supply manufacturers.

German & Japanese Precise Injection Machines

SeaskyMedical is an expert in producing surgical consumables and providing low-risk solutions. By utilizing ten cutting-edge advanced injection molding machines made in Germany and Japan, we strive to provide professional and all-inclusive support at all the stages of medical product development.

Medical Injection Capabilities

Our medical plastic injection capabilities include micro, overmold, insert injection molding. Having an experience of more than 11 years in project management and supply chain management, we strive to meet the diverse needs of the medical field.

Competitive Prices

We are well aware that the surgical disposable product we produce directly affect the health and safety of the users. That’s why we always keep safety, quality, and cost in mind. We aim to become your one-stop service for obtaining quality surgical consumables at competitive prices.

Custom Solution

SeaskyMedical serves customers with medical injection molding solutions from mold toolin gdesign and manufacturing. Our custom solutions include ISO 8 clean room contract manufacturing, robust expertise, advanced cutting-edge molding machines, and quick response time.

Streamlined process

To streamline the manufacturing surgical consumable processes, we have come up with a common language by using quality measurement techniques. It has helped us eliminate barriers to produce a smooth and quick problem-solving method.

Short lead time

At SeaskyMedicals, we strive to reduce the manufacturing lead time by automating inventory management, informing our medical plastic injection molding suppliers about the sales data, having a clear lead time contract, and allowing you to order smaller amounts more frequently.

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