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If you want to find the top medical disposable manufacturer in Malaysia, read this blog and find out your top choice.

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In today’s society, the medical field is growing at a record pace. Every year new advancements in medical technology are made, which take human health to the next level. And as it stands right now, there is an incredible shortage of disposables manufactured by companies that are FDA-registered medical disposable manufacturers. These companies are crucial to the medical (e.g medical injection moulding) field since they make vital supplies such as masks and gloves that protect both patients and healthcare providers alike.

The importance of having a reliable medical disposables manufacturer cannot be understated. It is important to realize the essential function of disposable items – that which contributes significantly to the safety and convenience of patients, healthcare providers, and medical equipment; but also to protect against cross-contamination. When made with quality materials and adhering to strict industry standards for cleanliness, disposable items enable the safe practice of medicine.

Best Medical Disposable Manufacturer in China

Many reputable leading medical disposable manufacturers in China are specialized in producing different kinds of medical disposables.  As a professional and massive company, SeaSky Medical  is one of the best disposable medical manufacturers and suppliers in China.

SeaskyMedical-Top Choice

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Seaskymedical is a well-known medical disposable manufacturer  with a solid reputation in China’s healthcare technology manufacturing market. Medical plastic injection molding in a clean room, micro molder, insert injection molding, and laboratory needs are just a few of the services they provide.

SeaskyMedical offers exceptional service for a wide selection of medical supplies, including surgical supplies and much more. They can quickly complete your bulk medical supply order while complying to the severe regulatory requirements that medical applications require.

Product quality is a measure of how safe a product is to use in the medical business. SeaskyMedical follows the quality assurance standards of medical product manufacturers all around the world.

If you’re looking for a medical disposables manufacturer, Seaskymedical, with its wide assortment of goods, is the finest choice.

Services/ products offered:

Please note that Seaskymedical is a medical molding company, so there are no medical consumables in stock. Seaskymedical only starts manufacturing when you send the specifications of your plastic medical products, which will guarantee the quality of medical consumables. If you could accept this method, feel free to contact us, the quality and production speed won’t let you down!

Next, we will run through the Top 3 Best  Medical Disposable Manufacturers in Malaysia.

  1. GA2 Medical Sdn. Bhd.
  2. SSN Medical Products Sdn Bhd

3. Medicfit Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Top 3 Best Medical Disposable Manufacturer In Malaysia

While you normally think of Malaysia as a holiday destination, there’s one industry in the country that is thriving. Disposable medical products manufacturers in Malaysia have been rapidly increasing in and with it, the Medical Disposable Manufacturer industry was known.. Here is a list of the top Medical Disposable manufacturers based in Malaysia 2022.

1. GA2 Medical Sdn. Bhd.

GA2 Medical Sdn. Bhd. Banner
Image Source: GA2 Medical Sdn. Bhd.

Business Type: Medical Consumables Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1990

Headquarter: MalaysiaCertification: ISO 13485 & CE Certified

GA2 Medical has had substantial development in its product line and client base since its launch in 2013, with further expansion both locally and abroad.  GA2 Medical is also one of the medical consumable suppliers in Malaysia. 

At GA2 Medical, they recognize the importance of collaborations in fostering innovation and meeting corporate social obligations.

As a disposable medical products manufacturer in Malaysia, its vast network of supplier and customer relationships keeps its company informed about industry trends, medical, scientific, and technical breakthroughs.

They embrace the evolving healthcare landscape and strive to discover and investigate new possibilities as they arise. We emphasize the highest quality of goods, character of personnel, and connections with customers, suppliers, and colleagues, all with the goal of providing the finest patient care possible.

Through innovation and continual development, they pledge to enhance their position as a market leader and a financially successful firm.

Key Products:

  • Bowls
  • Denture Bowls
  • Gallipots
  • Injection & Procedure Trays
  • Kidney Dishes
  • Medicine Cups
  • Platinum Quiver
  • Recyclable products
  • Biodegradable and Compostable products

2. SSN Medical Products Sdn Bhd

SSN Medical Products Sdn Bhd Banner
Image Source: SSN Medical Products Sdn Bhd

Business Type: Disposable medical products Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1997

Headquarter: Selangor, Malaysia

Certification: GMP, CE, ISO

SSN Medical Products Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1997 under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 as a private limited disposable medical products manufacturer. Since its inception in 1997, the firm, led by Mr. Clinton Ang Teck Leong, has been steadily working towards its aim of “Owning the Latex Medical Disposables Segment.” They are also producing products for medical laboratory consumables

SSNMP began by producing Natural Latex Male Condoms, which it continues to do to this day. It has also extended its business to include additional latex medical disposables, such as Latex Medical Gloves, throughout the years. SSNMP boosted its emphasis on developing glove sector sales in 2009, encouraged by the H1N1 Flu epidemic as well as increased demand from loyal glove clients. However, it achieved this by focusing on producing Specialty Gloves rather than just volume. As a consequence, glove sales have surpassed condom sales for the first time in SSNMP’s history, and by 2011, glove sales had accounted for 70% of total turnover.

SSN Medical Products will continue to concentrate on assisting clients with latex medical disposables and devices to meet their needs.

Key Products:

  • Condom Manufacturing
  • Latex Medical Gloves
  • Ultrasound probe covers
  • Dental dams

3. Medicfit Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Medicfit Technology Sdn. Bhd. Banner
Image Source: Medicfit Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Business Type: Medical Disposable Manufacturer

Year Founded: 2006

Headquarter: Selangor, Malaysia

Certification:  ISO 13485:2016 and CE accredited

Medicfit Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company that specializes in medical technology ( Disposable Medical Devices) which is a company based in Malaysia. We provide a large selection of disposable medical equipment, including circumcision devices, oxygen treatment devices, wound dressing kits, and other items.

They presently have over 83 distribution shops throughout Malaysia, as well as foreign marketing outlets, since our firm was founded in 2006. Almost the previous 10 years, their manufacturing output has expanded by over 300 percent. Many universal healthcare issues were learned to recognize and accept. They’re using our knowledge, numerous partnerships, and team’s commitment to assist improve our firm by expanding the value of our goods and leveraging our technical skills to meet client needs. 

Key Products:

  • Disinfectant Series
  • Circumcision Device
  • Surgical Fluid Suction Set
  • Transmission Gel
  • Specimen Management Device
  • Infusion Series
  • Oxygen Therapy Device
  • O&G Examination Device
  • Wound Dressing Kit
  • Urology Care Devices


Overall, by choosing the top medical disposables manufacturer in Malaysia, you can very well manage to deal with medical issues and also save on cost. Make sure to choose a reputed and reliable disposable medical products manufacturer to get access to top-quality products. The benefits of using these products are wide and varied and will impact your business positively. So think about it if you are looking for the best options available in the market.

With this blog, you get to know the top 3 Best Medical Disposable Manufacturers in Malaysia.

For more latest Medical Disposable products, SeaSky Medical is the best for you!

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