Medical Disposables Manufacturers in the USA

Surgical tools, gadgets, and other medical equipment and disposables are produced by the healthcare appliance manufacturing sector. 

Manufacturers who are expertise in medicine are entrusted with producing medical equipment considering that sanitation is such an important factor in the medical business.

Every field of medicine, from orthodontics to orthopedics, has a significant need for reasonable yet high-quality medical disposables. However, you can leave it to us to find you the top hospital disposables manufacturers in the United States.

SeaskyMedical: Top Medical Disposables Manufacturer in China

Seasky medical logo
Source: seaskymedical

Seaskymedical is a very well-known medical equipment manufacturer with a strong image in China’s healthcare technology production industry. Amongst some of the solutions they offer are medical plastic injection molding in clean room, micro molder,  insert injection molding and laboratory necessities.

SeaskyMedical provides outstanding services for a wide range of medical items, including surgical consumables and much more. They can swiftly finish your bulk manufacturing need of medical supplies while adhering to the stringent regulatory restrictions that medical applications need.

In the medical industry, product quality is a measure of how safe a product is to use. SeaskyMedical adheres to the worldwide medical product makers’ quality assurance standard.

Seaskymedical, which is able to manufacture a wide range of products, is the best option if you’re searching for a medical disposables manufacturer.

Some of the products they offer include:

Please note that as a high-quality medical consumables and disposables manufacturer, there are no medical consumables in stock, we only start molding when you send the specifications of your plastic medical products. This could guarantee the quality of plastic medical consumables to the greatest extent.

Top 4 Medical Disposables Manufacturers in the USA

Here we have curated a list of medical disposables manufacturers in USA for you to choose one easily: 

  1. Narang Medical USA Corporation
  2. NovoSci
  3. Teleflex Medical
  4. LAC Healthcare

1. Narang Medical USA Corporation

Narang Medical USA Corporation Logo
Source: Narang Medical Corp.

Type of Business: Medical device manufacturer

Location: Florida 33331, USA

Year Founded: 1989

Products offered: Medical, surgical, and hospital supplies

Narang Medical is one of the globe’s top medical equipment businesses and is dedicated to improving healthcare along with its cNarang Medical is one of the globe’s top medical disposables manufacturers in usa and is dedicated to improving healthcare along with its clients and commercial collaborators.

Orthopedic Implants, Hospital Furniture, Medical Disposables, and over 25 types of Medical, Surgical, and Hospital items are all available from the firm. 

The corporation operates in over 80 nations throughout the globe, from the United States to India and the Middle East.

Products or services offered:

  • Transfusion Disposable Products 
  • Infusion Disposable Products
  • Cardiology Disposable Products 
  • Surgical Medical Gloves 
  • Plastic Scissors 
  • Plastic Sponge Holder 
  • Blood Collection Tubes 
  • Tube with Swab
  • Maternity Pads 
  • Laryngeal Mask 

2. NovoSci

NovoSci logo
Source: NovoSci

Type of Business: Contract manufacturing service provider

Location: Conroe, TX 77301

Year Founded: 1989

Products offered: Single-use, disposable medical products; custom perfusion supply kits

NovoSci produces, sells, and supplies a variety of single-use, disposable medical devices for use in cardiology and basic NovoSci, a professional American manufacturer of medical disposables , produces, sells, and supplies a variety of single-use, disposable medical devices for use in cardiology and basic surgical procedures on a recurrent basis.

Over 300 goods are presently available in their standard product catalog, which is utilized by medical professionals all over the globe to provide quality and cost-effective patient healthcare.

Its customers may achieve cost reductions and streamline their source chains by utilizing Novosci’s three decades of experience across a broad range of outsourced manufacturing solutions. 

They collaborate with the nation’s medical inventors to enhance the reliability and consistency of their solutions while decreasing pricing and time as a major provider of medical disposables to the circulatory sector.

Products or services offered:

  • Surgical gowns
  • Drapes and packs
  • Sterile packaging and wraps
  • Medical gowns
  • Shoe and hair covers
  • Medical underpads
  • Healthcare industrial wipes

3. Teleflex Medical

Telellex Medical OEM logo
Source: Teleflex Medical OEM

Type of Business: OEM Manufacturer

Location: USA

Year Founded: 1943 

Products offered: Design for manufacturability, Product concept development

Type of Business: OEM Manufacturer

Location: MN 55447 USA

Year Founded: 1943 

Products offered: Design for manufacturability, Product concept development

Teleflex Medical OEM can provide you with whatever you need, from raw materials to completed equipment. Teleflex Medical OEM is the partner who can listen to your demands, comprehend them, and come up with creative solutions. 

TManufacturing medical disposables in USA, Teleflex Medical OEM stands out from the competition because of its staff of highly experienced engineers, material and polymer specialists, and professional technicians.

You may rely on them to improve your design, create prototypes, and scale it up for production. Their fully consolidated, in-house skills enable all of this.

Products or services offered:

  • Micro-diameter tubing
  • Diagnostic and interventional catheters
  • Balloons and balloon catheters
  • Conductors
  • Coated mandrel wires
  • Film-insulated fine wires
  • Sheath/dilator sets

4. LAC Healthcare

LAC Healthcare logo
Source: LAC Healthcare

Type of Business: Wholesale Medical Supplier and Equipment Manufacturer

Location: VA 22030, United States

Year Founded: 2002

Products offered: Medical supplies, syringes, and needles, personal care, diabetic supplies

LAC Healthcare is an American healthcare commercial services company that develops next-generation procurement systems for critical supply chain processes. 

Their network is working upon accurate healthcare provision: digitizing healthcare and increasing efficiency to enhance results for patients, clinicians, healthcare systems, and scientists all across the globe.

They’re working to create a structure that will allow their on-the-ground teams to deliver a fresh wave of sourcing assistance and expert solutions to supply chain-critical enterprises across the country.

Products or services offered:

  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Incontinence products
  • Surgical instruments
  • Point-of-care lab testing
  • Advanced wound care
  • Pharmaceuticals

Things to Consider When Manufacturing Medical Disposables

Performance and Dependability

In medical device development, the bigger-is-better approach could not be farther from reality. 

As goods get better and more compact, smaller equipment, such as take-home measuring equipment like blood pressure and blood glucose monitors or insulin pumps, become increasingly useful. 

Boxy connections are not desirable to users, particularly on a peripheral device that must be carried at all instances

Operating Environment

Medical devices, particularly surgical and acute care devices, must be able to survive a wide range of circumstances. 

Oxidation protection is one of the most critical variables to consider when selecting acceptable materials, from blood and biological fluids to strong sterilizing agents. 

Equipment is shifted about fast in surgical units and emergency rooms, and professionals don’t usually have the option of managing equipment carefully as suggested.


Picking the right manufacturer in a region with so many businesses is a difficult undertaking. We believe that our collection of medical disposables manufacturers in the United States has assisted you in finding the right manufacturer to match your needs. 
If location is not a barrier, you can always contact SeaskyMedical for all your medical disposable requirements and queries.

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