Best 5 Micro Molding Companies: Industry Guide


Micro molding is a pivotal technology in modern manufacturing, enabling the production of minute yet precise components crucial for advanced applications in healthcare, electronics, and aerospace industries. This molding process has become increasingly vital as sectors strive for miniaturization without compromising quality or functionality, especially under the watchful eye of stringent health regulations.

Utilizing a broad range of materials, micro molding achieves unparalleled precision, meeting the diverse needs of various industries with high accuracy. Continuous technological enhancements in the machining used for micro molding allow for the production of components with extremely fine features and thin walls, pushing the frontiers of innovation in miniaturization.

The following highlights five leading companies in micro molding, each demonstrating unique capabilities and contributions to the field’s advancement, and underscoring the critical importance of this manufacturing technique in today’s trend towards smaller, more complex parts.

2MTD Micro Molding
3Isometric Micro Molding Inc.
4PDC – Plastic Design Company


Headquaters: Shenzhen, China

Founded Years: 2008

In the realm of medical device fabrication, the pursuit of precision and the assurance of sterility are not mere compliance targets—they are the benchmarks that uphold the ethos of the sector. SeaskyMedical emerges as a paragon of distinction within this niche domain. Boasting over ten years of industry presence, SeaskyMedical has refined the artistry of micro molding to an exceptional standard. Their reliance on German and Japanese machinery of the utmost accuracy and the conduct of operations within class 7&8 Cleanrooms is a testament to their commitment to surpassing the rigorous expectations of the medical field.

Envision the necessity for a medical component so diminutive and exacting that its production appears almost unfathomable. It is in these scenarios that SeaskyMedical’s prowess becomes most evident. They confront the intricacies of micro injection molding with vigor, fabricating components as featherlight as 0.1 grams and featuring wall sections as slender as 0.2 millimeters. Their adeptness in manipulating a diverse array of materials, ranging from silicone to various thermoplastics, empowers them to offer bespoke solutions that are not only of superior caliber but also intricately customized to meet the distinct requirements of their clientele.

The organization’s allegiance to impeccable quality is reflected in its employment of cutting-edge apparatus and adherence to an ISO 13485-2016 certified cleanroom protocol. This meticulous approach guarantees that every phase, from conceptualization to final packaging, is conducted in a pristine environment with strict quality control. SeaskyMedical’s sophisticated control systems and exhaustive inspection procedures ensure that every micro molded item exemplifies their unwavering commitment to precision and dependability.

Their adaptability in mold conception, paired with their expedient turnaround times, positions SeaskyMedical as the go-to ally for enterprises in need of premier micro medical components. From syringes and intravenous connectors to complex optical lens covers, SeaskyMedical’s acumen in the micro molding arena is unparalleled.

MTD Micro Molding

MTD Micro Molding
MTD Micro Molding

Headquarters: Charlton, MA

Founded Years: 1972

MTD Micro Molding represents the zenith of precision in the micro mold sector of advanced medical technologies. As a leader in crafting diminutive, complex components essential for medical devices, the company’s high precision micro molding is unrivaled. MTD’s singular focus on micro medical devices ensures all resources, including cutting-edge machinery and a team of specialists, are aligned with the medical industry’s stringent demands for numerous industries.

MTD’s distinction lies in their extensive knowledge of bioabsorbable and implantable devices, vital for modern medical procedures and FDA regulations. They are not only manufacturers but also innovative problem solvers, often rescuing projects that have stymied others; 20% of their new endeavors are such salvage operations. Their in-house tooling and molding prowess facilitate swift problem-solving, constantly pushing micro molding boundaries.

Their speed in bringing products to market is remarkable, with a 90% first-time quality standard achievement rate, significantly accelerating clients’ paths to market. MTD’s dedication to R&D underlines their commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring they remain at the industry’s vanguard.

In summary, MTD Micro Molding is more than a vendor; they are a pivotal partner for medical OEMs, adept at turning complex designs into market-ready realities with speed and precision.

Isometric Micro Molding Inc.

Isometric Micro Molding
Isometric Micro Molding

Headquarters: New Richmond, WI

Founded Years: 1990

Isometric Micro Molding Inc. excels in extending the boundaries of precision in micro manufacturing technologies. With over three decades of domain expertise, this company has cemented its status as an authoritative figure in the creation of minuscule, high-precision components for the medical sector. Their relentless pursuit of excellence in small parts (<7″) and micro-sized parts and assemblies is a cornerstone of their strategy, particularly in enhancing the manufacturability of less invasive medical devices through DfM (Design for Manufacturability). As a dominant force in North America’s micro molding industry, particularly within the healthcare sector, Isometric Micro Molding provides proven custom solutions and is recognized as an industry leader in high volume production and industrial trailblazers.

The company boasts a formidable team of experts in various engineering disciplines, including plastics, industrial, automation, and manufacturing. These seasoned professionals are adept at transmuting grand concepts into miniature, high-functionality components. Isometric Micro Molding prides itself on not only reducing the scale of components but also on imbuing them with intelligent design and superior functionality through their precision plastic injection molding services for ABS materials. Their proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of materials, such as bioresorbable polymers and PEEK, with a particular mastery in thin-wall molding and the precise execution of custom injection molding and micro features and cavity for PC materials.

Efficiency is a hallmark of their operation. With an integrated process infrastructure, they adeptly streamline the journey from design to full-scale production. Their Microns Matter® philosophy underscores a rigorous planning regimen that ensures impeccable execution. Commitment to quality is not just a claim but a certified reality at Isometric Micro Molding, as demonstrated by their ISO 13485 certification, confirming their adherence to stringent quality management standards in the medical device industry.

PDC – Plastic Design Company

Plastic Design Company
Plastic Design Company

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Founded Years: 1991

Precision Development Company (PDC), established in 1991, excels in fabricating plastic components with exceptional precision, predominantly serving the medical and scientific instrument sectors. Renowned for their stringent adherence to ISO 13485:2016 standards, PDC’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount.

PDC distinguishes itself with cutting-edge plastic shaping technology, capable of producing intricately detailed custom parts. Their expertise in developing proprietary molds and tooling allows for the production of minuscule components with ultra-thin walls, catering to a diverse range of industry needs beyond their primary focus.

The company’s agility in decision-making enables rapid design and production, offering clients a competitive edge. Operating within an ISO 8 Cleanroom, PDC underscores their dedication to cleanliness and superior quality.

In an industry where precision and durability are critical, PDC leads in molding technology with advanced material knowledge, swift turnaround, and delivery of precise, small-scale solutions.



Headquarters: Ankeny, Iowa, USA

Founded Years: 1985

Accumold stands at the forefront of micro-electronic engineering, epitomizing mastery in the fabrication of micro-components with profound functional significance. Picture an entity as minuscule as a sand granule, then imagine diminishing further to a scale where a human hair is colossal by comparison. It is within this miniature vista that Accumold demonstrates unwavering precision, fashioning components like sensors and optical lenses that are essential yet infinitesimal.

Envision the act of manipulating a device component with such exacting standards that a variance slighter than a paper’s thickness is deemed intolerable. This scenario captures the essence of Accumold’s precision ethos. The components are crafted with such exceptional fidelity that any deviations are only perceptible under high magnification.

Accumold’s manufacturing milieu is akin to a modern confluence of innovation, outfitted with avant-garde machinery that guarantees the impeccable quality of each component. Their acumen encompasses the conceptualization and realization of products that are not only economically viable to fabricate but also readily scalable. This adaptability ensures a smooth escalation from bespoke batches to voluminous outputs, preserving the integrity of quality.

By incorporating resilient polymers such as PEEK and Ultem, which withstand elevated temperatures, Accumold enhances the longevity of the components. Their allegiance to client contentment is unwavering, with concerted efforts to surpass expectations. Thus, a component procured from Accumold transcends adequacy; it exemplifies superior caliber. Each piece is meticulously crafted, reliable, and comes with quantifiable validation. This amalgamation of innovative design, precise engineering, and robust materials cements Accumold’s stature as an esteemed connoisseur within the micro-electronics sphere.


In the specialized field of micro molding services, selecting the right partner is critical. The top five companies set themselves apart by delivering custom solutions designed for complex configurations and demonstrating robust capabilities for high-volume production. The leading company in this sector exhibits a remarkable defect rate of less than 0.5%, reflecting their superior precision and commitment to quality. Industry frontrunners, like SeaskyMedical, boast a 20% improvement in production efficiency over standard benchmarks, offering reliable service for projects with tight deadlines. Choosing a collaborator with such proven expertise ensures that your projects meet the highest standards, positioning your business at the forefront of an intensely competitive industry.

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