Best Medical Supply Companies in Georgia

In healthcare, hygiene plays a rather important role, so doctors always wear a mask during surgeries and even during casual conversations with patients and colleagues. If it is so important, doesn’t that mean extra caution must be taken while creating the products? Definitely.

The medical instruments and equipment we see at hospitals must be free of any possible microbes and maintain the perfect structure. For medical instruments, precision is vital, and for equipment, accuracy is essential, so there are notable medical device injection molding supply companies that manage these tasks.

Whether it be industry, searching for the proper Atlanta medical supply company is always challenging. But that is what the internet is for. Instead of looking for medical equipment manufacturers on your own, why don’t you look at this compiled list of Georgia medical supply manufacturers?

Our Recommended Choice:

Chinese Medical Supply Company-Seaskymedical

List of Syringe Manufacturers 1
Source: Seaskymedical

When looking for high-quality services, the location should not be an impediment. As a result, Seasky Medical is our top pick on this list. There is no better alternative than Seasky Medical if you are seeking for a well-experienced workforce with creative ideas and cleanroom manufacturing.

Seasky Medical, a medical plastic injection molding company, has over 13 years of expertise in the medical equipment supply industry. They not only understand how to manufacture medical equipment, but they also understand the most crucial criterion, hygiene. Affordability is another advantage.

So, suppose you are looking for bulk medical equipment orders and lab consumables suppliers who manufacture types of equipment with perfect hygiene and quality. In that case, Seasky is the best option of all.

Also, Seasky strictly follows ISO 13485:2016 quality management system which is a standard regulation policy followed by firms to assure that they are manufacturing patient safe, hygienic medical equipment. In the medical field, where even the tiniest flaw can create trouble, manufacturing should be done by a firm that can assure both safety and sanitisation.

In such a case, Seasky ensures its reliability by

  • Purchasing raw material from trusted suppliers and even will hand out ISO10993 biocompatibility reports to ensure the quality of the raw material.
  • Uses professional class 7& 8 cleanroom to manufacture products
  • Stringent Product Inspection

Products and services

  • Injection Molded Parts for Medical Equipments
  • Sphygmomanometer parts
  • Anaesthesia Machine Component
  • Blood Glucose Meter parts
  • Plastic Medical Consumables
  • Plastic Lab/Surgical Disposables

Please note that Seaskymedical is a high-quality medical molding factory, we only start manufacturing when you send the specifications of your plastic medical supplies. This could guarantee the quality of medical supplies to the greatest extent.

Top Medical Supply Companies in Georgia 

When you search for the best medical equipment manufacturers on google, you will probably get numerous results, and half of them will be ads. To prevent any confusion and risk yourself getting duped, we have taken the challenging task of compiling a list of the top medical injection moulding companies in Georgia.

Now, lets us look at the list of top medical supply companies in Georgia:

  1. Immucor
  2. Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc
  3. Brasseler USA
  4. Morzine Medical LLC 
  5. Global Resources International, Inc. 
  6. Medtronic, INC.
  7. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. 
  8. OXOS Medical
  9. Petriss, LLC
  10. Sanuwave Health, INC.

Top 10 Medical Supply Companies in Georgia 

1. Immucor

Immucor Logo
Immucor Logo

Type of Business: Immucor is a leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide

Location (Headquarters): Norcross, Georgia

Year Founded: 1982

Products offered: Platelet Antibody Screening, Platelet Antigen Identification, Infectious Disease Testing.

Immucor is a proud partner with thousands of hospitals, clinical laboratories, reference laboratories, and donor centers worldwide as a leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics.

Their products are generally used in labs to see if a recipient is ready for a transplant or capable of receiving a solid organ or bone marrow transplant.

Their extensive line of serology-based reagents, equipment, and molecular products ensure donor-recipient compatibility and give accurate pre-transfusion test results quickly and efficiently. ​​

Products and Services Offered:

  • Automated Titrations
  • Potentiators
  • Antibody Analysis Software
  • DNA Software
  • KIR Genotyping

2. Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc

Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc Logo
 Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc Logo

Type of Business: Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc is the leading manufacturer of prosthetics, patient aids, and orthotics in Georgia.

Location (Headquarters): Georgia United States

Year Founded: 1986

Products offered: Prosthetics, Orthotics, Patient Aids, Pediatrics

Patient care is a top objective for Southern Prosthetic Supply. They provide excellent service and look for innovative methods to save you money on materials. With the prosthetic equipment increasing in rates tremendously, SPS makes sure not to burden its users with heavy payments and economically offers its services.

With constant changes in technology and healthcare legislation, this company anticipates future demands and creates prosthetics that are appropriate, simple, and comfortable to wear.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Prosthetics
  • Orthotics
  • Patient Aids
  • Footwear
  • Compression Garments
  • Fab Supplies

3. Brasseler USA

Brasseler USA Logo
Source: Pinterest

Type of Business: Brasseler USA has offered a comprehensive dental and surgical instrumentation line.

Location (Headquarters): GA USA

Year Founded: 1959 

Products offered: EZX SYSTEM, Twist Drill Sterilization Tray, SAW BLADES

Brasseler USA, which was founded in 1976, is a market leader in surgical tool production. This company specializes in manufacturing surgical power tools, patented products, and auxiliary replacement goods for Orthopaedic, Neuro, ENT, Cardiovascular, Podiatric, and Oral-Maxillofacial surgeons.

Products and Services Offered:

4. Morzine Medical LLC 

Morzine Medical LLC Logo
Source: Morzine Medical LLC 

Type of Business: Morzine Medical LLC manufactures Doak-related and emergency-related medical equipment.

Location (Headquarters): Atlanta, GA.

Year Founded: 2013

Products offered: Doak tables, accessories, and parts.

Morzine Medical LLC is committed to saving lives worldwide by providing precision, durable, hyper-mobile, life-saving technology. This Atlanta medical supply company manufactures medical equipment, consumable items in medical, and supplies critical in emergencies using innovative procedures.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Doak Table
  • Doak Litterclamp
  • Shrail
  • Accessories & Parts

5. Global Resources International, Inc. 

Global Resources International, Inc. Logo
Source: Global Resources International, Inc. 

Type of Business: Global Resources International, Inc. is a prominent leader in producing injection molding equipment, accessories, and sterilization products.

Location (Headquarters): Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Year Founded: 2000

Products offered: Injection Molding, ETO Sterilization, Sterile Packaging, RF, and Ultrasonic Welding.

Global Resources International, Inc. (GRI) is a privately held company specializing in medical equipment manufacturing. It was founded in 2000. This company, based in Georgia, is a prominent manufacturer of medical equipment and a variety of other industrial products and protective solutions.

This company, with more than 20 years of expertise, prioritizes hygiene when manufacturing items.

Products and Services Offered:

6. Medtronic, INC.

Medtronic, INC. Logo
Source: Medtronic, INC.

Type of Business: Medtronic, INC. is a leading international manufacturer of medical devices and therapies

Location (Headquarters): GA, United States

Year Founded: 1949

Products offered: insulin pumps, pacemakers, and diabetes therapies.

Medtronic is a well-known medical device manufacturer. This company incorporates innovative technology into the medical equipment it produces, from expertise to invention. Equipment is designed to be more durable and safer as a result of regular observations.

This company focuses on surgical equipment such as pacemakers and catheters, using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge science methodologies.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Brain Monitoring
  • Electrosurgical Instruments
  • Health Informatics and Monitoring
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • OEM Patient Monitoring

7. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. 

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Logo
Source: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

Type of Business: Varian Medical Systems, Inc. is a Atlanta leading manufacturer in producing cancer-related solutions and diagnostic types of equipment.

Location (Headquarters): Atlanta, GA 30327, USA

Year Founded: 1948

Products offered: Radiosurgery, Adaptive Therapy, Interventional Solutions

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. and Siemens Healthineers have teamed up to develop technology and solutions, and manufactures Atlanta medical supplies for a world free of cancer.

Ethos therapy is the first AI-powered individualized cancer care delivery system in radiation oncology, designed to complete an adaptive treatment from setup to delivery in a typical 15-minute timeframe. They also offer alternate techniques for clinicians to develop cancer-fighting ecosystems that work in tandem with the instruments they already have.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Proton Therapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Software
  • Veterinary Oncology

8. OXOS Medical

OXOS Medical Logo
Source: OXOS Medical

Type of Business: OXOS Medical is the Atlanta medical supply company of handheld dynamic digital x-ray system

Location (Headquarters): Atlanta, Georgia

Year Founded: 2016

Products offered: OXOS Micro C, the first handheld X-ray system

The world’s first handheld dynamic digital x-ray system, developed by OXOS, is currently available. Traditional C-arms and Mini C-arms are slower, safer, and less intelligent than Micro C. Instead of taking giant steps before getting x-rays, you can just use your hands to do it. Existing x-ray imaging technologies are considered useless by Micro C’s outstanding precision, exceptional clarity, and tiny radiation profile.

This technology is instrumental in accident spots or during a sports competition, as the medics can easily figure out the wounds and proceed with treatment quickly.

Oxios takes extra care while creating the dynamic x-ray system, allowing for more clarity, safety, accuracy, and speed in medical imaging. Every OXOS device is connected to an industry-leading radiographic imaging platform, enabling seamless image management and knowledge exchange while also delivering teleradiology and radiographic artificial intelligence at scale.

Products and Services Offered:

  • OXOS Micro C, the first handheld X-ray system

9. Petriss, LLC

Petriss, LLC Logo
Source: Petriss, LLC

Type of Business: Petriss, LLC is a prominent Georgia medical supplier in providing hospital management with innovative sterilization equipment and procedures.

Location (Headquarters): Georgia

Year Founded: 2016

Products offered: Petriss invented the BLUEfin platform, a surgical instrument sterilization intelligence.

Petriss, LLC is a leading Georgia sterilization solutions provider for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. This company provides cloud-based advanced sterilization intelligence to assist you in improving patient care while remaining compliant with regulations.

In healthcare, sterilization plays a significant role. Since regular monitoring and sterilization of each and every surgical instrument, medical types of equipment, first aid tools, needles, syringes, and many more accessories are a must, Petriss and invented a relatively quick and straightforward way to perform the sterilization.

With asset tracking features and many more, using reliable features such as QR codes, tray management, Instrument repair management, Labor management, and supply management, it reminds the users of periodical sanitization. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Petriss invented the BLUEfin platform.

10. Sanuwave Health, INC.

Sanuwave Health, INC. Logo
Source: Sanuwave Health, INC.

Type of Business: Sanuwave Health, INC. manufactures energy systems in Georgia that speed up the patient’s wound recovery rate.

Location (Headquarters): Georgia, United States

Year Founded: 2004

Products offered: ENERGY SYSTEMS

Sanuwave Health, INC., provides energy systems that quicken the healing phase of the chronic wounds of diabetic patients that develop chronic wounds. SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE System, their leading, innovative wound care solution, activates the body’s normal regenerative processes, accelerates curing at the cellular level, and eventually provides robust and persistent wound healing.

Similar to dermapace systems, there are also other systems such as ultramist and ortho pace systems that provide the same types of wound healing qualities to patients suffering from severe wounds.

Products and Services Offered:

  • dermaPACE® System
  • UltraMIST® System
  • orthoPACE® System


Extensive research is necessary before choosing the proper manufacturer. This is why instead of you, we took the challenging task of compiling the well-doing medical supply companies in Georgia. We hope you find the proper manufacturer and cut the deal.

Does the particular recommendation pique you? Why don’t you visit Seasky Medical’s official website to know more about them then?

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