PEEK: Gold injection molding material for medical devices


PEEK is together with PPS, PSU, PI, PAR and LCP as special engineering resin.

Peek is a kind of special engineering plastics with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, easy machining and high mechanical strength. It can be manufactured and processed into various mechanical parts. SeaskyMedical use PEEK for both micro and large medical plastic parts manufacture.

The advantages are as follows:

  • corrosion resistance, anti-aging;  
  • solubility resistance;  
  • high temperature, high frequency and high voltage performance conditions;  
  • toughness and rigidity;  
  • dimensions require precision conditions;  
  • irradiation resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance conditions;  
  • hydrolysis resistance, high temperature and high pressure can still maintain excellent characteristics;  
  • light weight to replace metal optical fiber components;  
  • wear resistance, antistatic electrical insulation performance is good;  
  • parts with high mechanical strength requirements;  
  • low smoke and gas emission.

PEEK application and Medical PEEK application


PEEK resin was first applied in the aerospace field, replacing aluminum and other metal materials to manufacture various aircraft parts. In the automotive industry, PEEK resin has good friction resistance and mechanical properties, and is used as the raw material for manufacturing engine inner cover.  Bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch rings and other parts manufactured by PEEK are widely used in automobile transmission, brake and air conditioning systems.  PEEK resin is an ideal electrical insulator and can maintain good electrical insulation performance under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Therefore, the electronic information field has gradually become the second largest application field of PEEK resin, manufacturing pipes, valves and pumps for conveying ultra-pure water. In the semiconductor industry, It is commonly used to manufacture wafer bearers, electronic insulating films and various connection devices.  

As a semi-crystalline engineering plastic, PEEK is insoluble in almost all solvents except concentrated sulfuric acid, so it is commonly used to make compressor valve plates, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump bodies and valve parts.  PEEK resin can also withstand up to 3000 cycles of autoclaving at 134 ° C, which makes it suitable for the manufacture of highly sterilized surgical and dental equipment requiring repeated use.  

PEEK belongs to high temperature special engineering plastics, the mold temperature is 140~180, the melt temperature should be maintained at 320~390 degrees, so it is required that the heating section of the injection molding machine can provide more than 350 degrees of heating temperature.  Peek material has a high melting temperature and a high viscosity in the melting state, which requires higher pressure and greater wear on the screw during injection.  It is different from ordinary injection molding to some extent. It is best to find a manufacturer specializing in PEEK injection molding to avoid certain technical risks.  When setting the screw speed, the speed should not be too fast. The injection pressure should be 100~130MPa and the injection speed should be 40~80.  After molding, the injection screw should be cleaned quickly with PP material in time, and PEEK material should not stay in the screw.

Generally, the precision of injection molding for PEEK products can reach about 0.1mm, and the precision can be controlled at about 0.015mm according to the different wall thickness and structure of the products.  

PEEK, a material located in the spire of the plastic pyramid, currently has a small number of enterprises mastering the polymerization process of PEEK material, less than 10 in the world  

Our solution

As PEEK is high temperature resin, the injection machine barrel and mold have to be again high temperature.

SeaskyMedical have customized injection machine to run micro and large PEEK medical parts. Also we have experience with harden mold steel and precise mold manufacture, we can meet you demand for medical PEEK plastic molding.

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